5 Tips To Go For A No Makeup Look

Going without makeup every once in a while gives your face and skin ample time to exhale. Piling layers upon layers of makeup for hours on end daily may be disastrous in the long run.


The good news is that it’s possible to look gorgeous even without makeup. This theory boils down to commendable self-care practices. The kind of lifestyle you choose to adopt is sure to reflect on your face.


Here are timely tips to help you achieve a perfect no-makeup look.

  1. Always Stay Hydrated

Before makeup, the well being of your skin must come first. Makeup won’t be of much help when your skin suffers intense levels of neglect. Drinking as much water every day is beneficial to your skin because it helps it stay youthful.


Once you establish your daily hydration routine, feel free to purchase a wide range of moisturizing products. For the eyes, use hydration masks since they help prevent eye bags.


They also maintain the look of freshness even after a night or two of working late. What’s more, hydration masks also play the all-important function of eliminating pimples and blemishes.


Most importantly, hydration masks help in achieving and maintaining your skin’s natural glow. It’s also responsible for the rejuvenation process. All it takes is unwavering consistency.


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However, one mistake to avoid is to replace hydration masks with your moisturizing routine. Each of them has a different role to play and work within varying timeframes.


Hydration masks contain vital ingredients such as vitamins infused into your skin’s pores through a soft and fluffy cloth piece.


  1. Use CBD Products

CBD products have revolutionized the beauty industry by embracing the power of variety. It comes in many forms which work for all skin types. You can choose one or two from the wide range, including CBD edibles, oils, creams, and so on.


Cannabidiol is big on healing as it helps fight off common skin conditions such as acne. It’s close to impossible to achieve the no-makeup look when acne seems to define your complexion.


Making CBD a constant part of your no-makeup routine assures you of endless possibilities to improve your general facial outlook. CBD oils contain endless benefits on your skin, including;

  • They make your skin softer.
  • They improve the quality and appearance of your skin.
  • They keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

CBD face creams are crucial to your no-makeup routine since they help with dry skin. Manufacturers add nutrients such as vitamin E, whose function is to make your skin more elastic.


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CBD cleansing balms are a rare class of beauty products but quite helpful. Your facial skin is exposed to dust and other kinds of dirt that occur naturally. As the name suggests, you can use CBD cleansing balm for flawless and healthy skin.


Most ladies prefer them because they don’t leave the uncomfortable feeling of ‘tightness’ on your skin after a cleansing session. Instead, it gives you the freedom to laugh and even contort your face in every way without feeling like your skin is about to crack.


Digging deeper gives you a healthy revelation on other benefits of using CBD-laced beauty products.


  1. Work on Your Eyebrows

Unkempt eyebrows make your no-makeup mission quite tough to handle. On the other hand, taming your eyebrows makes it even easier. Grooming your eyebrows involves making sure that each strand is even.


In case this turns out to be a more engaging task than you expected, seek the services of a trained expert. As you grow older, you’ll notice that the strands of your eyebrows are not as smooth as they once were.


Look closely at the reflection on your mirror and brush your eyebrows towards their borderline. Watch out for any strand that may exceed the required size and is slightly longer than all the others.


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Using your eyebrow scissors, trim the longer ones and ensure they align with all the others. This calls for an utmost level of care and precision as well as lots of practice.


Get an eyebrow pencil and artistically draw a shape of your choice on your eyebrows. Ensure that you shape them naturally to make it easier to maintain and groom them. Using some eyebrow gel, set the stubborn gels straight to make the styling process more accessible. 

  1. Get The Lashes Curled Up

Curled eyelashes are the ultimate determiners of a well-groomed no makeup routine. Thanks to timely inventions for the eyelashes, the practice becomes even more fun.


It’s never a bother to include curling into your dress-up habit. What’s more, curled-up lashes save your time and instead give you more fun and creative ideas to put into practice.


Among the most popular ways to curl up straight lashes is by using a warm spoon. The items you’ll need for the whole procedure are readily available, and the instructions are quite easy to follow.


  1. Use a Colorless Lip Balm

Your lips are an essential aspect of your no-makeup routine. You could conjure up all the latest and most natural ways to keep your lips soft and healthy. When stepping out, a colorless lip balm with natural ingredients must never miss in your makeup bag.


Final Thoughts

No makeup means giving your face some time out. It absorbs many artificial products that may be hazardous to your health.


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