Why Do So Many People Love Vintage Engagement Rings?

One of the most important decisions you’ll make before your wedding day is picking out your engagement ring.


Whether you want an elegant, vintage-style ring or something more modern, many different options are available to you at all price points. It is easier than ever to find the perfect engagement ring to fit both your style and your budget. If you’re on the hunt for the ideal vintage-style engagement rings, here are some things to consider before making your purchase.


The History of Engagement Rings


The history of diamond vintage-style engagement rings can be traced back to 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy (the future wife of Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian I). In 1498, Henry VII gave his wife a beautiful piece consisting of ruby and two diamonds set in gold. However, it wasn’t until 1880 that Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria with an elegant yellow gold ring topped with a single round brilliant-cut diamond. His choice was inspired by medieval European tradition, but it also had practical reasons; yellow gold is more durable than white gold for daily wear and cheaper than platinum.


As such, soon afterward, almost all brides received classic solitaire rings from their husbands on their big day – including modern royalty such as Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. Then came Princess Madeleine of Sweden, who has been said to have popularized vintage-style engagement rings when she wore an Art Deco-inspired band that was thicker at its base before tapering up into a slender strip adorned with radiant cut diamonds in 2012.

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The Different Types of Diamond Cuts


The cut, often confused with the diamond’s shape, is determined by how its facets are arranged. The most popular cuts are Round Brilliant, Oval Cut, Pear Shaped Cut, and Asscher Cut. Beyond that, there are several other beautiful shapes, including Cushion, Heart, and Princess Cut. There are two categories of diamond cuts: conventional (conventional) and contemporary (contemporary).


In a conventional diamond, each facet must meet particular standards before being called a cut grade of excellence. In contrast, in contemporary designs—created primarily in European countries such as Belgium or Israel—the stones will not be graded based on their precision but instead based on artistic merit alone. This often results in unique shapes with curved surfaces that you won’t see anywhere else! You will find vintage-style engagement rings filled with nostalgia for whichever category you prefer.


The Various Shapes of Diamond Settings


There are two main categories of diamond settings: prong and bezel. Prong settings are more common, as they offer increased security. They feature 4 to 6 metal points that grasp and hold onto each corner of a diamond. In a traditional prong setting, one point is visible while all points are concealed under a domed piece of metal in an invisible setting. Bezel-set diamonds have metal surrounding both sides of a stone and create a frame for it. The metal can either be flat or domed.

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How to Care For Your Ring After the Purchase?


When you purchase a diamond ring, it’s essential to consider how you will take care of it over time. Diamonds are delicate and require care to remain in their best condition, and vintage-style diamond rings are no different. If you want your ring to stay beautiful for years to come, you mustn’t neglect its maintenance. Here are a few tips on how to keep your vintage-style engagement ring looking as good as new.


Things to Do Before You Buy an Engagement Ring


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they say. And while there are plenty of diamonds in vintage-styled diamond rings to love, there is more to consider than just how pretty your bling looks on your finger! It’s essential to keep these tips in mind when purchasing an engagement ring of any kind. Or, if you’re just looking for advice on whether or not it’s time to upgrade your diamond ring, you can also use these helpful hints.




People are still fascinated by vintage-style engagement rings. After years of fashion and trends, they’re still trendy among young men and women and older couples who want to renew their vows. Fashion is constantly changing, but these timeless styles remain a safe choice to enhance your unique personality. If you’re going to make an impression at an upcoming wedding or anniversary party, don’t be afraid to wear one of these beautiful diamond pieces!

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