Getting Back into Shape After The Baby

Cradling your newborn baby after months of being pregnant is pure bliss, and as you revel in that glow, the transitional postpartum phase creeps up on you. Your body goes through many changes while you’re pregnant, and when you finally pop that little bundle of joy, it’s time for it to re-adjust to its normal morphology. So don’t fret; the transition is already in motion. While sitting back and letting nature take its course is one way to handle the postpartum weight, giving your body that extra nudge goes a long way. Here’s a dissection of two different ways to snapback that postpartum waistline.

  • Waist training
  • Shapewear and compression garments

What is waist training?

Waist training is a non-medical, high-compression approach that targets the midsection of the body. The essence of a waist trainer is to gradually train your waist to become smaller, consequently contouring your waistline. While waist training is not clinically proven to assist in postpartum weight loss, the 9 steel bone waist trainer substantially stimulates thermal activity during workouts while throwing in some extra benefits. The steel bone waist trainer is notoriously good at improving body posture and offering significant back support.

However tempting, waist trainers are discouraged as a primary means to getting that toned waistline, especially for c-section moms. You’d want to give your body enough time to heal and recover as you build your way up from belly wraps and support belts to waist trainers.

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Shapewear Versus Compression garments

Shapewear and compression garments are postpartum recovery girdles with a slight difference- most compression garments are medical-grade, whereas all shapewear isn’t. The subtle distinction between the two does not bar you from using them interchangeably as they both serve a similar function- compression.

Unlike wait trainers, postpartum shapewear comes in a diverse range of shapes and cuts, with most companies prioritizing wear practicality and safety of the mother. Shapewear is designed to be tight but elastic enough to avoid downward pelvic pressure on the recovering mom. It also lets you enjoy a wide selection of designs, from adjustable belly wraps to full bodysuits and high-waisted underwear.

Is there more to postpartum garments?

Shapewear is the gift that keeps giving. While you’re looking to get your waistline in check, you might want to brace yourself for more than that- metaphorically, of course. Here are some indispensable benefits of investing in shapewear postpartum.

  • Alleviation of pelvic and back pains
  • Improved mobility
  • Hastened muscle and incision healing
  • Lowered surgical swelling
  • Considerable increase in blood flow
  • Enhanced posture
  • Significant pelvic floor support

The Final deduction

Compression garments are a major postpartum hack. Are they worth the investment? Most definitely. However, it is not subject to dive into blindfolded. Childbirth brings with it many physical changes that leave your body sensitive- particularly your abdomen. It is, therefore, imperative to run your ideas through your physician before making any decision on compression undergarments. No pressure though, postpartum weight loss is a journey, tailor one that works for you! Even with the web being resourceful, what worked for one mommy blogger might not work for you

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