bodycon dress and panty set

Choose a right inner wear for your fitted dresses!


Many outfits have recently revolved around. The resurgence of the bodycon trend is not surprising. It’s a trend that I didn’t like when it was popular in the 2000, but it’s not just about bandage dresses anymore. We can see that many stylish people who are obsessed with this trend have at least one or two bodycon dresses in their closet.


You must have seen people wearing  Bodycon dresses that show their pantyliner. That was embracing we know. People do follow trends and there is no bad thing in that but, you also need to be aware how to carry appropriately.  Fitted and bodycon dresses always exude confidence and oomph in a woman. However, no matter how great your outfit appears, it can be ruined as soon as you turn around and notice those dreaded visible panty lines and creases. When you wear something skin fit there are certain underwear that give you a seamless finish. With the right type of bra and panty you can actually enhance the look and keep your body in shape.


Seamless panties are virtually invisible under your outfit, which means they eliminate your fear of visible panty lines! Thongs, on the other hand, may be best if you’re extremely particular and willing to take a risk. Even professionals also use such type of inner wear when they wear something skin fit. They may not be as comfortable as your high-waisted, cheeky, or full-coverage pairs, but they will help you get rid of those pesky lines. Thongs are true partners of a bodycon dress, from the traditional G-strings to the completely functional, ‘no-more-than-necessary’ C-strings.

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Also you can go for shapewear. It conceals and softly smoothes out unsightly bulges. From high-waisted tummy cinchers to bodysuits, they even out body lines and remain hidden from views. You can also hide your later belly with a shaper and even look better with it. If you love wearing different outfits you must acknowledge different types of panties available for every dress.


You should have a low waist panty, these are ideal for low-slung clothing such as low-waist jeans and skirts. They are available in both seamless and stitched versions. If they’re seamless, feel free to pair them with bodycon dresses and yoga pants.


Thongs are so popular and compatible for western wear.  They’re well-known for being sultry and sexy.  On the other hand, they are the most practical when wearing something extremely tight, such as a bodycon dress. There’s a very slim chance that anyone will see your panty outline, let alone your actual panties.


Briefs are easily available in the market. While they are comfortable and loosely fitted, you should avoid wearing them if you are wearing tight or thin clothing. Briefs are notorious for causing people’s bums to show those dreaded “panty lines.” Wear them with jeans or a flared skirt to avoid showing any panty lines.

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Likewise you have dresses for every occasion, have a Panty Set that goes well with your outfit so you don’t feel awkward in public. Also, you can consider colors; beige or white color at least be there in your collection with darker ones. If you are wearing a thin beige dress you can either go for white or the same color panty.