5 Tips for Maintaining and Protecting Your Glasses

Whoever is not exasperated by fingerprints or dirt on their glasses throw us the first glass (corrector)! Let’s explore this small, but common, everyday nuisance together: we are sure that you will recognize yourself … if your glasses are not too dirty!

Clean your glasses, the daily grind

No matter how much we love our glasses, we don’t always think about pampering them on a daily basis. Grab them by the glasses instead of the branches, wear them on his foundation, clean them vigorously with the end of his shirt instead of using his microfiber cloth, fall asleep in Morpheus’ arms, keeping them on the end of his nose … Do you recognize yourself?

Certain elements do not work in your favor either: the combination of rain + subway hood which gives rise to a mist that is difficult to dissipate, just like that which envelops you when you open your dishwasher or your oven.

But the worst is this colleague who tries them on to see if the frame suits him well, or these people who stick their noses on your glasses while giving you a kiss. In short, so many situations that have the consequence of making the lenses of your glasses much less clear.

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Glasses less dirty than you think!

This feeling that your glasses are always dirty is, however, a little exaggeration. Indeed, your eyes are very sensitive to anything that could interfere with their vision. Result: what is only a tiny fingerprint gives you the impression of moving in a light fog.

The anti-reflective treatment on your lenses is extremely useful since it limits parasitic reflections (which would bother you even more), and also very aesthetic since the person looking at you sees your eyes and not the reflections on the lenses. But it has the consequence of making the smallest spots more visible to your eye, because the glasses are much more transparent.

Cleaning your glasses: our tips for glasses that are always impeccable

It all starts with the right material: forget the bottom of the T-shirt or the sleeve of your wool sweater (sacrilege!), Find the microfiber wipe provided by your optician. It is the only material that cleans correctly and without damaging your glasses. The only thing to do: every day, small circular movements. Above all, do not scratch the small spots!

Occasionally, you can rinse your glasses with warm soapy water. Be careful, do not dry with absorbent paper which could scratch them. Again, bring out the microfiber! At your optician, you will find a wet wipe or a specialized cleaning product that will also do the trick.

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You can also buy an eyeglass cleaner like Peeps that’s extremely effective for cleaning eyeglasses. Peeps eyeglass cleaner is an efficient and durable ground-breaking carbon microfiber tech that cleans all glasses. To know more about these glasses, read this Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Review.

However, prevention is better than cure. Be careful when handling them and, even better, ask your optician for your next pair of glasses for a global treatment on your lenses: anti-reflective, anti-scratch, anti-fog … And anti-fouling!

Here are some good habits to take, knowing that glasses, like your car, appreciate a small technical check or a revision from time to time!

Prevent scratches

Scratches are the main danger that threatens your glasses on a daily basis and over time. They may interfere with your vision, especially if they are located at the level of the central part of the lenses. This discomfort will be accentuated in an environment of artificial light. A shock or a fall can cause large scratches, while grains of sand or fine dust during wiping cause finer ones. Unfortunately, scratched organic glass cannot be repaired. When buying your glasses, it is better to choose lenses treated against scratches, which limit the risk. You can also subscribe to the guarantee which is then offered.

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Track down dirt

Have your glasses been accidentally stained? Run your glasses under a little lukewarm water. You can then use a non-greasy liquid soap to wash them, before drying them with a microfiber cloth. Be careful not to scrape the dirt with your fingers, as this may cause micro-scratches!

Choose the right cleaning

Avoid cleaning your glasses with a tissue, paper towels or the sleeve of your sweater. On a daily basis, a microfiber glass towel is the best solution. Do not hesitate to ask your optician for advice, who can recommend cleaning products. For a deep cleaning, the ideal is to bring them to the latter twice a year, in order to allow them to benefit from an ultrasonic bath. With this cleaning method, which involves immersing your glasses in a special liquid and subjecting them to ultrasonic waves, all dirt particles are removed without damaging the lenses or the frame.

Lay, store and handle with care

Get in the habit of always handling your glasses with both hands. You will thus avoid damaging your temples, or worse, deforming your glasses, and therefore, altering the centering of the lenses and your vision. Better not, moreover, not to lend them… even less to your child!

Hanging them on your collar or wearing them over the forehead, on your head, are also bad habits, which cause deformities. Also be careful not to put them on the glasses side, but rather on the branches side.

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The best way to transport your glasses is to place them in their hard case. Never slip them unprotected in a pocket or purse.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Strong heat, extreme cold and variations in temperature are the enemies of your glasses. To prevent frames and lenses from deteriorating, beware of any source of heat. Avoid leaving them behind a window, on a radiator, next to the hair dryer, on the front deck or in the glove compartment of a car parked in the sun. Also remove them when you are preparing a barbecue in the summer, or a fire in the winter. Needless to say, wearing your glasses in the sauna is heresy!