7 Apps to Create Incredible Instagram Stories

Stories creation is one of the most popular options on Instagram. Every day over 1.386 billion customers use Stories for their special purposes. Some make comedy videos, some write super-fanciful posts, and some shoot the best moments of their journey.

Yes, imagine that you have picked up a car rental Ohio and are going to enjoy a drive through the most picturesque places in the state. You can surprise your subscribers with beautiful Stories taken from the window of a rental car. However, if you install some additional apps, you can make your Stories even more creative and unique.

Let’s take a look at the best mobile apps to enhance your Instagram Stories and add something special to them.


Canva is a versatile editor for almost any need, including creating stories, posts, gifs, and collages. It has ready-made layouts for ads, gift certificates, coupons, and even logos. A large database of more than 250,000 templates is available in the application.

There are about 500 fonts for working with texts. Canva integrates its Pixabay and Pexels photo stocks, so you don’t have to leave the editor and search for pictures on third-party resources. The free version of the application is enough for work. But if you want, for example, to resize the created image or save files with a transparent background, you will need the paid version.

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In the application, you can create publications from several devices at the same time. So, it’s possible to start making a project on your phone and finish it on PC.



If Canva is a big program for everyone, then Unfold is for those who like minimalism and neatness. The app has 150 ready-made templates that are easy to use. Moreover, they are strict, discreet, and help to maintain the same style.

Unfold has the ability to make related posts with a single storyline. For example, you can talk about a trip or one day in your life. The service also has a built-in Unsplash photo stock. Therefore, you can search and download pictures without leaving the program. There are only 30 templates available for free but unfortunately, they will be watermarked. Subscribing to the application will open access to all layouts and remove the service logo.



Let’s move away from templates and look at more creative processing programs. Vochi allows you to add various effects to your videos and photos. Moreover, the arsenal here is quite large: from fashionable glitches to more advanced animation.

It also works very simply – just select a picture and choose the appropriate action in the ‘Effects’ panel. Often, the program automatically detects a person or an object in the picture well, but sometimes difficulties may occur. In any case, you can always correct the selection with an eraser or brush.

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Despite its excellent capabilities, the application can cause a mixed reaction. Some effects are really good and stylish, but some of them can make the picture look cheaper.


Type Loop 

This is another application for those who like to play with letters. As the name implies, the app allows you to make endless animations with text. And yes, it looks very cool. Users can choose not only more than 10 types of animations, but also fonts, their color, as well as adjust the leading and other typographic settings.

As a result, the program is perfect for creating stories that announce and attract attention. The animation in Type Loop is worth a separate consideration, as it’s very smooth and neat. At the same time, the additional possibilities to adjust the speed and other parameters are also good news. And most importantly, the app works great even without a subscription. So, be sure to download Type Loop!



This application is suitable primarily for those who love Asian culture and its aesthetics. Several years ago, it became popular due to its ability to turn photos into anime. However, now the application allows you to process images even more interestingly. After posting Stories via Meitu, your subscribers may think that you have been living in South Korea for a year.

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Of course, cute stickers and exaggerated processing are not suitable for everyone, but what if you have a similar guilty pleasure. Plus, facial enhancers can find several useful tools here, from acne removal to rhinoplasty in just a few clicks. Fans of templates, by the way, also benefit from this app. Of course, the app offers not only old-fashioned options, but some quite authentic ones as well.



It’s an application that helps you add cool effects to your pictures and videos. Of course, nowadays you will hardly surprise anyone with the ability to replace the sky in a photo and add snow, but still, let’s see what this program offers us.

It has several instruments at once, which were popular at different times. Here you can make the water move, and add various glitters or 3D effects, as well as make a person scatter into dust particles.



InShot will help you easily edit your video before adding it to Stories. For example, you can crop and reverse video, merge different pieces, etc. The application makes it possible to apply stickers, filters, text, and voiceover, as well as blur the background and add audio.

The editor has its own library of audio recordings with music in the style of hip-hop, folk, pop, indie, and so on. If the songs from the app don’t suit you, the app will extract music from videos on your phone. The free version is enough to edit a video, add text and stickers to it. Subscription will open access to filters and transitions, as well as remove the watermark on InShot publications.

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