7 Common Problems for Refrigerator Not Working

Refrigerators have become increasingly essential goods in the household. These serve important roles in storing food items and perishables. These are the most viable options for keeping foods from spoiling. Refrigerators also play a very active role in preventing the growth of bacteria in food. Most modern refrigerators are equipped with anti-bacterial gaskets, which prevent fungal and bacterial growth in food items.

Although the refrigerators come with self-diagnosis technology, one must keep a daily check on the fridges. Regular servicing and maintenance are necessary to prevent your double door fridges from breaking down. Refrigerators like Haier fridges are expensive investments, and they need to be cared for regularly to prevent them from breaking down.

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However, here are some of the 7 common problems associated with refrigerators and their working. Users should identify and avoid these problems mentioned below in order to ensure your Haier fridge a long lifetime:

Fresh Food Compartments heating up:

The primary function a refrigerator serves is by keeping the food items and perishables fresh for a long time. And to be able to do this, the fresh food compartment needs to be cool. It also needs to be kept dry enough to prevent foods from accumulating moisture. This helps in preventing the food from getting spoiled. The cold air generated in the freezer unit is circulated through the fresh food compartments to maintain appropriate temperature and moisture levels to keep the foods fresh. However, if you find the fresh food compartment warming up, it is most likely due to a problem in the airflow. 

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The solution to this problem might require professional help. It is usually caused by a problem in the evaporating fan or a build-up of ice in the diffuser. You can easily detect a problem with the evaporator fan, for it runs with a low humming sound. As long as you hear the sound or there isn’t an unusual sound, the evaporator fan is working properly.

Water leaking on the floor:

Water leaking on the floor is a problem most commonly found in refrigerators, especially those which are quite old. Though it can be a dangerous thing for water leaking around an electrical appliance, it is an easy fix and you won’t probably need any expert help. 

A blocked water dispenser or defrost drain causes excessive water to leak from the refrigerator and onto the floor. The easiest way to unblock the drain is to pour warm water from the inside until the dirt particles or ice build-up melts and clear up the drain. You can also do the same by clearing out the rubber valve at the end of the drain. However, it must be kept in mind that the refrigerator stays unplugged while you’re clearing the drainage unit. 

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Ice building up in the freezer floor and ice dispenser:

A blocked defrost drain can also cause ice build-up on the freezer floor and ice dispenser. The excessive water that might have leaked onto the fridge may freeze and lead to such issues. This problem also has an easy solution. If your double door fridge does not have an auto-defrost feature, the easiest way to manually defrost your refrigerator is by temporarily shifting your edibles elsewhere and unplug your refrigerator from its power source. 

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Being cut off from its power source will no longer let your refrigerator cool, and the warmer it gets, the easier it becomes to defrost the freezer floor. You can solve the problem of ice building up inside the ice dispenser the same way. If the problem persists, it might be a problem with the airflow, and it’s time for professional servicing. 

Faulty water dispenser:

As discussed earlier, a faulty water dispenser can be caused by ice build-up in the drainage unit, or accumulation of debris around the drainage valve, and hopefully, these can be easily cleansed. However, a fault in the water dispenser can be caused by insufficient water pressure, which might not allow the valve to open. This problem can be avoided by setting the water pressure at 20 psi in the least. 

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Too frequent unit cycles

Too frequent unit cycles can cause your electricity bill to shoot up. A build-up of debris or ice might cause this within the refrigerator or dust accumulation on the condenser coils. Either way, the solution lies in turning the refrigerator off and manually defrosting or cleaning the condenser coils. Once the condenser coils are free of dust, your fridge should be operating at the usual cycles. You can also take care of this issue by preventing your refrigerator from overworking by setting the temperature too low. 

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Freezer not cold enough:

An insufficient cold freezer can be a result of faulty evaporator fans. If you feel your freezer isn’t cold enough, check the freezer walls for punctures or damages or the evaporator fan. An accumulation of dust on the condenser coils and evaporator fan can cause them to malfunction and prevent your freezer from cooling.

  1. Other hardware issues:

A refrigerator can also face other problems which are expected from most electronic appliances. To avoid these, other than ensuring a steady flow of electricity, you can check the following units if they are working sufficiently:

  • Fridge MCB
  • Motor and compression unit
  • Start capacitator
  • Thermostat
  • Condenser coils

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