An introduction to Wow TV and Internet service

If you live in the Midwestern regions of the US, you must have heard of the Wow cable TV provider. Not only does Wow provide cable TV services to its customers, but it also provides home Internet and phone services. Wow is known for providing its customers with unlimited data policies at reasonable prices. Like every other Internet and TV company, there are certain pros and cons to opting for Wow.



  • You receive a maximum speed that is more than the average.
  • There is no data cap on Internet usage.
  • The prices of the different plans are extremely affordable.



  • Current customers have mixed reviews about the services of Wow.
  • Wow is not available throughout the US at the moment.
  • If you wish to opt for the base prices, you will have to go with the two-year contract.


The different Wow plans available

Wow has been observed to be much friendlier compared to the other Internet and TV service providers on the wallet of its clients. Therefore, Wow has maintained higher consumer ratings. The Internet-only service of Wow is completely free of data caps. Thus, you can binge-watch your favorite TV shows on Netflix as much as you want without worrying about the Internet getting over. Along with the Internet, TV, and cable services, Wow also provides:

  • Its customer’s online voicemail management.
  • Email.
  • Other security features via their F secure firewall and antivirus programs.
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TV options available with Wow

Wow provides basic TV options to its customers. However, it can be an excellent fit for general use. Wow has made the choices simple by offering three different flavors to their customers: the small cable, the medium cable, and the large cable plans.


Small cable

Small cable has very limited programming options. This plan provides around 20 basic channels in the Wow channel lineup. It does not include any premium channels like Comedy Central, weather channel, Fox Sports, etc.


Medium cable

Medium cable has relatively sweetened the deal by providing 150 channels at a relatively affordable price. It also contains some essential channels like Travel Channel, Nickelodeon, etc. If you choose to opt for the medium cable plan, you can avail of one premium channel of your choice completely free of cost. The premium channel will have to be selected between HBO, senior Max, Showtime, or Starz.


Large cable

Large cable is the best of all the plans. With the availability of over 260 channels, Viceland and NFL, etc., the last cable plan of Wow is the perfect one if you are an avid TV or sports lover. Along with the wide variety of channels, you can select a premium channel of your choice completely free of cost.

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Wow ultra

Wow recently introduced the Ultra box, which is the answer of Wow to the entertainment platform and the smart TV trend that has been going on for a while. The Ultra box combines a library of all available on-demand content with the sports, premium channels, and other regular offerings of Wow. Along with this, the ultra box also integrates with Netflix and can act as a Wi-Fi router. If you are looking to do multiple functions through one hardware, Wow ultra is the plan meant for you. It is especially recommended for families. The whole home DVR experience makes it amazing.


If you are planning to do away with the cable option altogether, you should consider Wow Internet services. Due to the absence of data caps, you can watch your favorite TV shows on the Internet without worrying about the Internet getting over. Furthermore, with the high download speeds that Wow offers in most of its coverage areas, it is extremely advantageous if you like to watch your content on large screen devices. If you are availing of the upper-tier Internet speed options, then watching 4K videos should be no problem. The Internet plans are extremely reasonably priced and provide you with enough speed to easily stream your content in high definition without worrying. The equipment fees in the case of Wow can add up, but it is entirely dependent on you. You can choose to purchase your equipment. This would require you to invest initially, but it would pay for itself in the long run.

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The only thing that you have to keep in mind with Wow is that the quality of service may differ from one area to the other. If you decide to go with the bundle plans and opt for the contract, you will have to pay a certain termination fee if you decide to quit before the contract is over. Thus, make sure to get any problems addressed within the first 30 days of availing the services of Wow before you run out of your satisfaction guarantee time.