Best business ideas under 1 lakh in India

Did you know that small-scale businesses in India experienced an average growth rate of more than 10%? According to the most recent government of India studies and reports, the small business sector will have enormous scope and opportunity in the coming years. Are you looking for some low-cost, profitable and most profitable business in rural area in india?

  1. Cloud Dining Room

The food sector’s scope of opportunity and demand is undeniable. The cloud kitchen is becoming popular as a way to reduce the high investment rates and funds needed to open a restaurant or food bar. The cloud kitchen’s ideology is food delivery to provide hygienic and tasty meals at the doorstep without investing a lot of money in the sitting area and ambience.

  1. Services for Drop-Shipping

Drop-shipping services are essential and in high demand in every city. The demand and scope for drop-shipping or courier services are vast, as people and businesses require a dependable and fast drop-shipping service for a variety of business needs.

  1. Online Tutoring Services

The eLearning industry is one of the most profitable in which to do business. According to recent studies, the eLearning sector is expected to see significant demand for opportunities in the near future. So, if you’re looking for work in the education or eLearning sectors, you can start an e-tutor service in your city.

  1. Juice Bar
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In India, the majority of the months are sunny and have hot climatic conditions. To beat the heat and thirst, people prefer fresh fruit juices and mocktails. One of the most profitable business ideas with low investment rates is the juice bar business.

  1. Writing Assistance

Unquestionably, content is the uncrowned king. The number of opportunities and growth associated with content-related services is undeniable. So, if you enjoy writing blogs and articles, or if you have an impressive background and experience in providing writing-related services such as blog write-ups, website content, and SEO write-ups, you should consider starting a writing services business.




  1. Website Flipping

Every company, from small startups to large corporations, is now looking for help in transitioning their operations to various digital platforms. Website flipping as a business is quite popular these days, and it is one of the market’s new business ideas.

  1. Services for Baking

Are you good at baking and looking for home-based small business ideas? Then you must plan to open a bakery featuring delectable cakes, cookies, muffins, and hot-piping brownies.

  1. Services for Boutiques

Boutique services are one of the market’s most in-demand and profitable business concepts. People nowadays prefer custom-made and one-of-a-kind designer outfits to ready-made ones. So, if you are a recent fashion design graduate or if you enjoy designing and creating stunning outfits, you can turn your hobby into a lucrative career

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From the food industry to automobiles, you must have knowledge of small profitable business ideas and best business under 1 lakh. So, based on your interest and the availability of resources and supplies, devise a detailed business plan to launch one of the top eight small scale business ideas listed in the preceding article in your city or town.