Game changing Trends in the Business Intelligence Today

The future of business intelligence is not stopping anytime soon. With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, various businesses are bouncing back to stay competitive.

Right now, the position of business intelligence is at many crossroads. They are working on various aspects of the company in handling data. It is expected that business intelligence will be the backbone of newer startups. Because information is much more needed than ever, handling the information is challenging. It can predict how the business can move forward, or it could experience a loss.


Either way, the trends in business intelligence say otherwise. With the direction businesses are going into, it is time to be up-to-date.

Guided Business Analytics

Decisions can make or break a business. Therefore, any decisions entrepreneurs make can affect the business and its employees. The way how it works is by making data understandable to the users. Guided business analytics emphasizes using contextualized data to know what the information is about.

These days, if there is not enough context to the data, it will be difficult to comprehend. Business intelligence gives the terms, glossaries, and needed explanations for the data to be understood. In essence, it guides users to the information they need to know. It is unnecessary to go through various reports and not knowing what to do with them.

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Data literacy

Data is the foundation of any information. Therefore, being able to understand data is an advantage for success. The term implies that a person can understand, read, and write out the information in any situation.


Companies are looking into the data and how it affects the company’s performance. Therefore, prioritizing data can be applicable in their daily tasks. That way, the employee will be able to perform more efficiently. While it does mean time will be spent, the employee will hone the skills with better literacy.

Data governance

Data governance will be one of the most important trends in business intelligence. Why? Auditing, role-based access, and authentication protocols will be the standard practice one day. It outlines how the company manages its assets, from the process to the infrastructure. Once the data is accurate, the result is a reliable source that boosts revenue.

Machine learning

Machines technically are only limited by their built-in programs. In the near future, there is a possibility that business intelligence will be more intuitive. It would be based on the current proposals on how it would go. Results may vary, and the answers will address the users’ needs.

Adapting to mobile

Shifting work patterns can be a factor in meeting demand. For example, remote workers need to be equipped with programs that allow them to be productive. Therefore, the business intelligence must-have SaaS solutions whenever possible. A mobile version of the business intelligence with the ability to do the same but in a lite version can show insights. When the information is available, it promotes faster decision-making, better communication, and shorter time.

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Wrap up

Business intelligence is going through a change for better or worse. Adapting to these changes is essential when the company handles data. Workflows are always changing, and being unable to adapt can be a major setback. However, when you know what needs to be addressed, business intelligence can give you a springboard to success.


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Rosette is known for being tech-savvy ever since her teenage years. She loves to explore new possibilities and tech innovations that would help companies and individuals thrive in this constantly changing digital world. This further inspired her to write about technology and why it has become the future of everything, especially business.