The Bare Guide To Starting A Business: 6 Ways

With names such as Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates golden and in the spotlight, they have inspired countless people in the younger generation to pursue the path of innovation. Before embarking on your journey to entrepreneurship and innovation, ask yourself first: do I want to be an employee all my life? Do I want to be an entrepreneur? Do I really want this?


Once you have said yes, then go on. Embark on your new vision. As you begin your journey to innovation and grit, here are some things you may need to know in starting your business!


Develop Your Big Idea

If you are considering going into the innovative, shiny world of business, there is a high likelihood that you already know your product or service. Don’t be shy or timid. Firstly, you have to search online about the existing companies offering the same products and services as you online so that you have an idea of what the local industry and market look like.


What are the current industry leaders doing? What are marketing trends and strategies in the industry I want to enter? Is there something I can offer to my market that other businesses cannot do?


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Once you answer these questions, the better it will be, as it will help you define your business, what sets it apart from the others and what can make it last longer at the end of the day.


Another thing to put into consideration is to define what your Why is. In Simon Sinek’s The Golden Circle Principle, plenty of the best brands have defined their positioning with it. The Golden Circle comprises What, How, and Why. The What is your service, the How is how you use your products to practice your Why. And lastly, your Why is your deeper reasoning and values, why you are in the market and your business’s values.


Does your business stand for innovation? Does your business love technological innovation? If yes, then those are your Whys. After you have answered your Whys, you can move now on to your What and How.


Plan Your Business

Once you have refined your business idea in place, you have to ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is the purpose of your business?
  • Who are you selling to?
  • What are your end goals?
  • How will you finance your startup costs?


And for why? These questions can be answered once you draw up your detailed business plan. In the past, failed aspiring entrepreneurs have rushed through their new enterprises without being thorough about certain aspects of their business.

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Gauge Your Finances

Starting a new enterprise is not a walk in the park, especially concerning finances. Do you need to borrow money? Is there someone willing to lend you money or fund you? A lot of startup ventures fail due to their financial situations.


If you have extra cash, that means you are doing well. Suppose you have some money and need more time to focus on your business. In that case, you can tap an efficient business processing company such as FilePino to take care of your business registration needs.


Prepare For Failure

Starting your own business is risky. As Beyonce has stated, there are times that no matter how hard you work and are prepared, you will fail. In business, the same principle applies. The bigger your business grows, the more hurdles and challenges you will face.


When confronting these challenges, it is always best to put your best foot forward with gratitude. It is also a way to practice acknowledging your privilege. Challenges mean growth – and growth means potential for success.


Cultivate Your Online Presence

Investing in a branding presence online makes you credible, easy to reach, and legitimate. You can tap into stakeholders who can help your business grow by managing a channel and presence. In the early stages of your business development, you can receive positive and negative feedback from customers who have experienced your trial product.

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