Watch Parts 101: How to Modify Your Own Watch

Watches are one of the most intricate wearable technologies we have. Whether you are a watch collector or not, they serve the same purpose.

In fact, owning a watch is a milestone. Modifying your watch to your liking is another lane to look forward to. You get to see the hard work of how a single timepiece is able to work. These can be complex, depending on the model. To go more than appreciating, you will be able to know about horology.

This article will serve as a guide in modifying your own watch. These tips can be applied to any watch you have on hand. Read on to understand the making of a clock.

1.  Look for the part you want to modify

Any part of the watch can be changed. But you have to be careful with it. Most parts are small, and you need to have great reflexes or motor skills to handle them. As a tip, research the watch model you are interested in. This will help you understand it more thoroughly than deconstructing it.

Some of the parts that are usually changed are the glass, crown, and the casing. If you are looking for specific parts, there are Seiko mod parts that are not found in other brands. This can give you an advantage for access to lesser-known mechanical parts.

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2.  Make way for watch modification

As this can grow into a side hobby, be sure to have space for it. Why? You will not focus on a cluttered environment. Plus watches can be delicate to handle.


Having a dedicated space will allow you to work on the watch you always wanted to modify. You can start small, it’s better than nothing done at all. Remember: it takes time and effort to have a personal watch made by professionals.

3.  Grab a repair kit

This is a must-have for those getting into horology. The repair kit should contain the needed tools for any aspiring hobbyist. Most of them are not too expensive and they can be easily purchased. Be sure to read the manuals as well. Having additional guidance will maintain the quality of the tools you own, including the watches.

4.  Ask for advice

Asking for advice will get you more information. You can ask questions to people who are already familiar with making watches. Not only will you know more about the art, but you also get to connect with various people. When by chance, you get a client, grab the opportunity. Down the line, it can be another way for you to make extra cash.



In turn, you get to appreciate the versatility of horology.


Watchmaking is a possible niche to get into. You get to work on various projects and watch brands. When the time comes, you do not have to go to a watch store. Why? Think of the amount you can save by having a custom-made watch. If the thought does not make it interesting, you can always visit them.

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