CBD for Pet: Is it Safe?

We all want our pups to remain healthy at all times. This means finding treatment to improve their quality of living. Sometimes your furry friends can feel anxious during an unusual condition. When this happens, can you stand it? Using CBD for pets seems like an effective alternative treatment. However, is it safe? This piece is providing you with an expert take on the safety of cannabidiol for pets. So, without any further ado, let jump right in.


Is CBD for Pets Safe?


CBD, also termed cannabidiol, is a derivative of the popular cannabis plant. Although its origin, it is considered safe for consumption. Experts tell us that consuming cannabidiol with less than 0.03% THC is entirely safe. This wouldn’t alter the mind of the user. It also would not induce any psychoactive behaviors.


THC is a chemical compound found in a cannabis plant. It stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, and it is the compound that induces the “high” effect in cannabis. So, medical experts will tell you that CBD is safe for consumption. However, you have to ensure it doesn’t have enough THC content to induce any psychoactive behavior.


Every pet parent wants the best for their furry friend. They will ensure that their furry babies are healthy both mentally and physically. And, currently, this includes using Cannabidiol for pets. The massive traction of the CBD world has gotten both humans and animals excited. A product that provides a relaxing feel. One that can combat several medical conditions with little or no side effects. But do pets really enjoy the product?

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Do Pets Enjoy CBD?


Pets, just like humans, have an endocannabinoid system (ESC). This system helps to regulate significant functions in the body. The ESC is located in the central and peripheral nervous systems. It helps to regulate mood. It helps to balance the overall wellbeing of the body.


When dogs and cats ingest cannabidiol, it enters directly into the ESC. This then helps to ensure that the ESC provides its function to its optimum capabilities. This balances your pet’s mood. It ensures that the health of the body is maintained.


So, this would suggest that pets do take well to cannabidiol. Still, I advise finding a CBD product that they enjoy. CBD manufacturers now have the compound available in various forms. This makes it possible to get a product that your cats and dogs will enjoy. CBD treats are an excellent idea. These are in the form of biscuits and are simply safe hemp induced in biscuits and other favorable snacks.


Does CBD for Pet Work?


Although scientific studies on this are still ongoing, the available studies tell us that cannabidiol works on pets. Studies tell us that cannabidiol is effective in reducing pain in pets. This is because hemp has anti-inflammatory properties. So, inflammatory conditions like arthritis, which causes pain, can be resolved by hemp.

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The same study tells us that a dose of cannabidiol oil twice a day helped pooches with epilepsy. It helps to limit the frequency of their seizure attack. You can check here for more on the health benefits of CBD for pets.


Note that most studies have used CBD-only formula. They haven’t made use of full or broad-spectrum cannabidiol. Some vets recommend using hemp to manage anxiety in cats and dogs. This is because when hemp is ingested, it provides a relaxing feel that helps to calm the nerves of your furry friends.


Are There Risks Involved with Using CBD for Pets?



Connoisseurs tell us that there aren’t any risks involved with using cannabidiol for pets. Still, it is best to keep to the proper dosage. Using high doses of cannabidiol for cats and dogs can cue several side effects. These side effects can include drowsiness, low blood pressure, and red eyes.


Although these side effects aren’t life-threatening, you wouldn’t want to see your furry friend in these states. So, it is best to stick to the correct dosage when administering the compound.


Also, I would advise you stick to isolate cannabidiol when prescribing to pets. This is because this product has no THC concentration. When cats and dogs ingest THC, it can elevate heart rate and affect brain health as well. You can find more on this link https://www.healthline.com/health/cbd-vs-thc about the relationship between CBD and THC.

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Furthermore, cannabidiol alters how the body metabolizes other medications. This can lead to harmful side effects. So, if your pet is receiving other anti-seizure drugs, you have to be wary of prescribing hemp to them. Talk to your vet first before prescribing this compound. Your vet would inform you on how to prescribe the compound safely.


How to Shop for the Right CBD for Pets


Note that there are several CBD providers. So, you have to shop your products carefully because not all are reliable and trustworthy. Firstly, see that your provider provides you a certificate of analysis. This will give you the necessary info on what your product contains. It will tell you the amount of CBD, THC, pathogens, and heavy metals in your product.


You should also steer clear from providers that aren’t licensed. To be a legitimate provider, you have to be a registered enterprise. Ensure that your provided shows you a license. This suggests that they are a well-established company.


I would also advise you to check the website of your provider. You can consult the pethempcompany website for quality supplies for canines. This is mainly for those sourcing their product online. Check that your provider is a highly rated company and can satisfy clients.

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Take Away


CBD for pets is safe. But you have to ensure that your furry friend receives the compound in the proper dose. Talk to a vet first before administering the compound. Also, outsource your hemp products from reputable sources. This is to ensure that you get quality compounds that are safe as well.