DIY creative apparel boxes

Finding and manufacturing useful and high-quality goods to sell can be overwhelming, particularly if your budget is limited or your company is in its infancy. That is why it is a fantastic idea to use do-it-yourself (DIY) packaging! Apart from the plethora of details that must be meticulously planned and considered for your custom apparel boxes, you must also find a way to differentiate your company and its products from rivals.

To be a good company owner, you must first ensure that your goods address your customers’ needs and alleviate their trigger points without taking advantage of them. Most critically, you must provide a positive customer experience.

You need to consider how to keep people’s attention on your brand and how to deliver the ‘wow factor’ each time they unbox the items they purchased from you. With the right amount of creativity, imagination, and dedication, you will create exclusive packaging designs that will entice customers to return to your store and buy additional merch.

Glittery boxes:

Glitters will turn plain boxes into something glittering and elegant. This is at the top of the list because the materials for this do-it-yourself packaging are readily available and inexpensive. You can quickly begin the design process by purchasing plain custom cardboard boxes and glitters from department stores. A personalized thank you card, whether handwritten or typed, will also give a ‘special touch’ to the sale, demonstrating to the customers that they are acknowledged. You may also complement the glitters’ colors with the clothing or accessory included inside the box.

Not only would it save you the storage room but would also help your customers take home the boxes in a comfortable manner. Why would you need to create trouble to your clients with enormous apparel boxes once you can save them the hassle and then design the ones that they can take easily in hand and might too show about to their friends. Rather than lying flat the clothes, why don’t you roll them up and possess the apparel packaging boxes designed like a rolling pin to accommodate the contour.

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If you manage to pull it off, you surely would be making a mark with your customer base. You can design a reasonable apparel box which is in the form of a hanger but with enough room inside to easily hold in the clothing. To add your own personal touch have a hook attached to the top so you can carry it easily with your hands without having to stop in for one more bag. It is an excellent way to market the brand since it might disregard the need for a bag and would prompt your bag to be outside in the public eye.

Wooden Boxes with transparent cover:

Some of the nouveau apparel shops have created wooden frames influenced by Mother Nature to showcase their stylish shirts.

This packaging style is ideal for items with elaborate patterns or something else that deserves to be highlighted. This category covers pieces such as cosmetics, necklace collections, and apparel. Since the materials used to create this packaging design are not inexpensive, luxury goods need premium packaging, correct?

Custom stamp boxes:

If you sell handmade goods, you can experiment with plain but innovative DIY packaging. Custom boxes with stamp prints are an outstanding way to save money and are also an excellent choice for brands with a minimal aesthetic.

Nature Boxes:

Nature boxes are convenient and inexpensive, but they never fail to ‘shock’ those who care for Mother Earth. If you choose this DIY packaging form, you must ensure that you choose leaves that do not wither easily. DIY nature boxes go well with herbal soaps, apparel, and cosmetics, as well as customized business tokens or event souvenirs.

Floral Prints and gold gilding boxes:

Plain boxes and gold gilding can be used to create sleek, rustic packaging. If you’re an artist, you can still doodle on the case, but high-quality printouts of flowers or something else related to the product would work really well too. Though there are several free patterns and floral designs available online, it is still advised that you create your own artwork and replicate it for your product packaging for branding purposes.


Custom sticker plain boxes:

Apart from the aesthetics, stickers may be strategically positioned to bind boxes. Stickers are inexpensive, simple to customize, and, when designed and used properly, they have the potential to provide an exceptional unboxing experience.

Muslin bags with stamped cotton:

Muslin bags are often used to package favors for weddings, birthday parties, and baby showers. They are an outstanding choice for packing small items. Jewelry, apparel,  handcrafted fabrics, makeup, soaps, and tea are just some of the examples of these versatile bags. This style of packaging has a low environmental footprint, requires no chemical processing, and is lightweight. To successfully make your own DIY muslin bags, you can watch videos or read step-by-step guides.

Customized tags with burlaps:

Many people adore burlap because it has the potential to give something a rustic feel. Burlap is an eco-friendly material that is reusable and easily customizable. When combined with vibrant jute strings or delicate laces, burlap packaging is certain to stand out. Many sellers will try to save prices on the packaging, unaware of the branding and overall business image advantages. With these DIY packaging tricks, you can easily ‘wow’ your customers without splurging.