small bathroom design tips

25 Small Bathroom Design Tips

Do you know what is the toughest to design and renovate? Small spaces especially small-sized bathrooms!

Even the top designers face a hard time designing tiny bathroom spaces. Nonetheless, they have generously shared some useful small bathroom design tips for homeowners across the globe. We will discuss them below.

Since small bathrooms are tiny, and no one likes being suffocated, designers and architects decided to share a piece of their creativity with the world through their small bathroom design tips. Excited? Let’s get started.

  1. Remove All The Protruding Items

Any items jutting out from the walls in narrow bathrooms can feel bulky and cluttered. Enhance the space by getting rid of items sticking out and place them in storage spaces.

  1. Go Bold With A Ceiling Sky Mural

What can be more open and grand other than the sky in a bathroom? Invest in a sky blue ceiling painting with perhaps some clouds and add that feel of grandiosity.

  1. Install Clear Shower Cabinet Designs

To give the mini bathroom space a maximized look, get rid of the visible clutter by going for swinging doors, clear shower cabinets with the least amount of visible fixtures.

  1. Come Up With Unique Storage Ideas

Figure out what in your bathroom is wasting useful space. Is it the long pedestal sink? It may look aesthetic but it is cluttering up your limited space! Go for installing hooks behind the doors to hang your towels and clothes. Install cabinets disguised behind the wall mirrors for medicine and makeup.

  1. Go For A Mini Bathroom Vanity Design

Bathroom vanities can consume a lot of space if not smartly designed. Go for smaller vanities that blend in with the theme of your bathroom. Simple wall-mounted sinks also look elegant.

  1. Use Right Lighting Fixtures For High Ceiling

You all want a large, luxurious bathroom but do not have one. This does not mean you cannot create the illusion of one by installing scone-shaped light fixtures to make the ceilings look taller.

  1. Diagonally Place The Tiles

The best bathroom remodel contractors in Tolland CT report to install floor tiles diagonally to make the space appear bigger than it is.

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small bathroom design tips

  1. Wall mounted Toilet Seats

Traditional toilet seats are installed on the floor. However, modern designs incorporate wall-mounted toiled seats to maximize the floor space.

  1. Go For Mirror Disguised Cabinets

A huge space-saving tip among the top small bathroom design tips is the mirrored recessed cabinets. It not only looks elegant but disguises a huge storage space as well. So, a win-win design idea.

  1. Get Rid Of The Towel Racks

De-clutter your bathroom walls by getting rid of those huge towel racks and replacing them with wall-mounted hooks. Camouflage these hooks with wall mural. Go creative.

  1. Install Large-Sized Tiles In Small Bathrooms

This may sound odd but go for large tiles to free up the floor space. The fewer lines make space appear bigger than it is.

  1. Swap The Shower Curtains With A Glass Cabinet

Maximize the small space by swapping everything cloth-based with glass. It is time to remove those white shower curtains and place a glass door instead.

  1. Two-Tone Themes

A busy bathroom theme with many colors can make the place look claustrophobic. Stick to two color tone themes.

  1. Long Medicine Cabinets

Behind your bathroom doors, install long cabinets in a vertical direction covered by mirrors.

  1. Stay Away From The “Gaudy”

While selecting the patterned art for your bathroom, avoid things that are busy and overly crowded. Go for minimalist hardware and cabinet designs as well.

  1. Go For The Perspective Wall Art

You can maximize your space by adding smart art to the walls. Go for the art featuring landscapes or the sea to add dimension to the bathroom.

  1. Carve Out The Storage Inside The Walls

Carve out your storage needs inside the inner walls. This will use less space and make the space look appear as compared to having protruding shelves.

  1. Focus On Texture

Rather than focusing on the color, think about how you can play with textures. Go for one unique feature such as a mirror or wall art but remain true to texture.

  1. Bright Lighting

Creative placement and distribution of the light with LED panels can help maximize small spaces.

  1. Tile The Bathroom Till The Ceiling

Give thought to tiling your walls to the ceilings to make the space look tall. Go for patterned tiles near the edges.

  1. Choose Proportional Elements

Focus on the scale of the elements. Make sure they are not too big or too small in ratio to the proportion of your bathroom.

  1. Smart Placement Of The Door

Install an out-swinging door instead of the other way round.

  1. Go For A Floating Counter

It is time to replace that gaudy sink vessel with a floating countertop for elegance.

  1. Install The Shower Space On The Farthest Wall

Install the shower tub or cabinet against the far wall. Place a window on this wall if you can.

  1. Make Sure Darker Walls Are Glossy

For smaller bathrooms, you can go for darker shades if you give with a glossy finish.

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