The word comes from the word “espa”, that means spring fountain. The word comes from a Belgian town named Spa, a town that had a hot springs that people thought had healing powers. There are many other terms for the word spa, such as balneotherapy and hydrotherapy, but most people just say spa.

There is evidence that ancient Egypt had spas that were a caldera built for Phraortes, the king of Media in around 600 BC. This spa was heated with warm stones and was thought to be used for healing powers. The ancient Greeks also believed in the power of healing waters, and mostly used by the wealthy.

Spas were a way to keep healthy and keep diseases away and could also provide spiritual cleansing. This belief went on for centuries and is still a popular today. You can read more about the history of spas here. That is why there are so many spas in homes today. They are used to soothe weary muscles after long days at work or play. They are different from baths and showers because spas are used more for recreation and soothing than for cleanliness.

Plug and Play Spas

    Plug and play spas are a type of spa that uses a regular 110v plug, instead of having a 240v wire that needs to be wired into your home. These types of spas are popular because anyone can use them, and they do not need an electrician to wire it into your home. One type of plug and play spa is the Columbus plug n play spa that you can get at a variety of places. These spas come in a variety of styles and can be tailored to fit any need.

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Reasons to Use Plug and Play Spas


  1. Easy Set Up

These spas are easy to set up because they do not need any hard wiring into your home. You just must make sure that you put the spa in a space that is within twelve feet of a plug, because using an extension cord is not recommended. You just need to plug the spa into a regular outlet, and you are able to get into the spa and enjoy it. This makes it an easy set up spa.

  1. Smaller Size

These spas are usually smaller in size so they can be placed anywhere. While they are smaller, they still have all the amenities of larger spas. They usually only hold one, two or up to six, people but can be put in smaller spaces because of their size. This makes these spas more convenient.

  1. Key Features

Most of these smaller spas have a single two-speed pump that provides high or low speeds. There is just one filter and no circulation pump. They usually have ten to twenty-five jets that can be turned on. These features make the spa more comfortable to sit in.

  1. Performance

It takes these smaller spas longer to heat up, but they can heat up to the same temperatures as the larger spas. Because it is 110v, it is difficult for the spa heater and pump to run at high speeds at the same time, but it will still heat up in a good amount of time.

  1. Therapy Needs
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This type of spa is good for therapeutic needs, just like the larger ones. However, sometimes the plug and play spa does not have seats that are as ergonomically made so they may be a little less comfortable. The heat will still provide the therapeutic relief that you need, just not as comfortably as the larger spas. You can still get the warmth that you need to be comfortable.

Spas have been around for thousands of years and have been providing heat and water therapy for all those years. They have improved over the years and have become easier to use and have more features than ever before. Find out more about spas and their history by following this link: There are different features that you can get on your spas and make them fit all your needs. You can get a spa small enough to just fit one person, or as large as one that will seat six or eight people. You can get them with colored lights that set a certain mood and with music attached to them. The plug and play spas are easy to set up and you do not need any professional help to do it, just plug it into a regular outlet and you are good to go. They are heavy and it will take you more than one person to move it to where you want it, but you will not need a professional. You can buy a spa in almost any store that sells pools or pool equipment, and there are stores that only sell spas.

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