Shopping For the Different Types of Kitchen Backsplash

Most kitchen upgrades mainly focus on cabinets, appliances, and countertops. Homeowners spend a significant amount of time deciding on their materials, colors, shapes, and designs. Meanwhile, they forget about the backsplash. It doesn’t register with them that this is also an essential component of the kitchen. It saves walls from stains and dirt while adding an aesthetic touch to the backdrop. However, the right choice makes all the difference. It may not be easy to pick one from various options without a piece of adequate knowledge. If you don’t want to go wrong with it, pay attention to what might work best and why. Here is a quick look into this to solve your confusion.

Backsplash varieties

Subway tile

You can tap into a classic to modern vibe with this single component. One of the most popular designs can be subway backsplash tiles. These tiles cover the walls in a brick-like style removing the feeling of business from the kitchens. But you can try contemporary variations also for visual interest. Explore diagonal and vertical patterns once. For a minimal look, you can stick to plain white. If you want to add a colorful twist, choose them in exciting shades.

Glass tile

It can prevent water seepage by 100%. Hence, it can be your best bet against wetness, steam, and water splashes in the kitchen. You can worry about cracking and shattering issues, but you don’t need to think about it. The translucent glass tile in impressive colors can gift your kitchen wall a shiny effect. You can rely on a scratch-resistant and reinforced base for confidence. Would you please make sure you are careful with the grout lines as the glass may reflect them? To avoid embarrassment or clumsiness, you can take professional assistance. After all, you will also not enjoy the sight of adhesive or grout appearing through it.

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Mosaic tiles

It is another excellent choice found in various types of materials. Of them, porcelain, ceramic, and clay are the standard picks. These can mimic the effect of field tiles. Nevertheless, these tiny tiles, typically 2 inches X 2 inches or 1inch X 1inch, look fantastic. Since their designs and patterns create a sense of business, you would want to use them to carve a focal point in the kitchen. The designs can look eye-catching. Are you buying a pot filler faucet when remodeling your kitchen? You can trust the mosaic-tiled background to do justice to this feature visually and practically.

Stainless steel


You would immediately associate this with restaurants and other commercial kitchens. While it is true, this material has gained ground in residential setups too. You can find it in many shapes and sizes. But large sheets with intricate designs can be unique. Your reasons for choosing this have to be long-lastingness and easy maintenance. At the same time, you will worry less when working with hot pans and pots. However, if you plan to achieve something classy through this, you will want to reconsider your decision.

Stone slab

With marble, quartz, and granite countertops, stone slabs can make more sense. You can use it as an extension on the wall for a uniform appeal. Get something that matches the countertop. Some people don’t like over-the-top designs. Are you one of them? Pick a stone slab with beautiful veins to create a highlight in the kitchen. It can go well with white or minimal-style cabinets and countertops. If you use it with something dramatic, your kitchen may appear completely different.

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Peel-and-stick tiles

Do you want a cost-effective and DIY solution? It can be the best thing for your need. You can replace it when you get bored of its design or shade. From hardware stores to online shops, everyone keeps a good stock of this item. Hence, variety doesn’t have to be a headache.

Things to consider when shopping for backsplash

Lots of things can make your selection of the backsplash justified. For example, you would want to get the perfect height to cover minor, old damages and spots. A four inches high backsplash can be a common choice. But you need to ensure it is high enough to leave nothing exposed above the main worktop. In some kitchens, these can go up to the ceiling to create a seamless vibe. It can provide greater protection against splashes. So, the height of the backsplash can be a crucial consideration.

You will want the combination of backsplash and countertop to look harmonious as they meet each other in the center. Otherwise, it can lead to a design clash in this space. As a safe step, you can either match or contrast their colors. No matter what you do, they have to be complementary. If one looks busy, the other has to be simple. Suppose you use a veined granite countertop. With this, a minimalistic backsplash can be the right pick. Or, a white countertop with a vibrant backsplash can create a sight to behold.

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Keeping your budget ready for backsplash tiles for the kitchen is essential as it can cost around USD $8 to USD $20 per sq ft. The price can be higher if you settle down with stainless steel, glass, and others. If you cannot spend enough on this, switching to cost-effective adhesive choices can be sensible. Think of peel-and-stick backsplash. You can peel these fake tiles off easily to furnish your kitchen wall with something even better. However, if you desire to create a luxurious impact, scratch-resistant glass material is there. This impervious base can stop water from entering the walls while enhancing the beauty of the space.

All these varieties are matchless. That’s why you may feel even more confused. However, backsplashes are primarily a practical addition. Assess your cooking habits before deciding about the material. It will safely guide you to your choice. Some people select peel-and-stick tiles for saving money, and some spend large on glass for its luxury. You can add these factors into your consideration. Ultimately, your kitchen renovation has to be gratifying and worth every dollar you invest in its enhancement. So, be thorough about what you choose and why.