Your skin is the largest organ that acts as a protective shield of your body. It keeps everything wrapped up inside. Along with that, it produces various chemicals that guard you against malicious things trying to invade your body. These invaders are disease-causing pathogens like bacteria and viruses as well as cancer-causing chemicals. By keeping everything outside and neutralizing them, your skin lets you lead a healthy life.

Indeed, your skin possesses its cellular mechanism to heal the damage it suffers every day. However, it is anything but sufficient. The consequences of such damage are spots and blemishes that hamper the very smooth texture of your skin. Constant microbial attacks lead to the formation of acne, destroying the quality of your skin. Not just that, your immune system sometimes becomes the worst enemy of your skin. It mounts exaggerated immune responses leading to several skin troubles.

Moreover, exposure to UV rays and various surrounding chemicals has its share in destroying your skin. As a result, you may start noticing signs of the aging way earlier than you should. Acne, inflammation, and wrinkles all work together to wreck your skin. At this point, anybody feels anything but helpless. However, you should not feel like this. Just with a little care, you can strengthen your skin to repair itself rapidly. Here are five hacks to get crystal clear skin.

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1. Daily Face Massage

Daily Face Massage

Many of you must be familiar with the miraculous effects of massages on your body and mind. That glow you notice right after your spa-day is your skin saying thanks to you. You can continue having massages to get that crystal clear skin. However, this does not mean more expenses. You can simply use your favorite moisturizer or oil to give yourself a nice soothing massage at home.

You can amp this regime by using essential oils. These are beautifully crafted products that provide deep nourishment to your skin. Here are names of some essential oil and their skin benefits,

  • Lavender: Anti-inflammatory and natural hydrator
  • Lemongrass: Anti-microbial
  • Frankincense: Anti-aging
  • Tea-Tree: Reducing acne
  • Peppermint: Soothing skin rashes
  • Eucalyptus: Pain-relieving and moisturizer
  • Sandalwood: Natural moisturizer
  • Germanium: Balancing skin oils
  • Lemon: Fighting inflammation and reducing free-radical damage
  • Patchouli: Reduce pain and inflammation
  • You can also use foundation to keep your skin glowing

2. Eating a Lot of Skin Food

Eating a Lot of Skin Food

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Yes, you read it right! Your diet directly influences your skin. That is why many skin-care experts advise you to avoid eating junk food as it leads to catastrophic effects on your skin. To prevent such skin disasters, you must involve skin food in your skin. Here is the list of food that is incredibly beneficial to your skin,

  • Avocado
  • Berries
  • Broccoli
  • Fatty Fish
  • Walnuts
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Bell peppers
  • Apples
  • Citrus Fruits
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Including these foods in your daily diet improves your skin’s texture. They supply you with all the necessary nutrients and antioxidants that protect your skin from damage.

Furthermore, you can take this regime to the next level with skin supplements. CBD gummies are one of such very few supplements that comes with excellent skin benefits. CBD strengthens your skin to fight its worst foes like inflammation, acne, and aging.

3. Not Ignoring Your Beauty Sleep

Not Ignoring Your Beauty Sleep

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Sleeping is one of the most crucial yet most underestimated activities of the day. Whether it is extra work or just another episode on Netflix, it is your sleep that gets compromised in the first place. Never do that!

It would be best if you get enough sleep as it is essential for your skin. Your body repairs all the damage of the day while you are asleep. Sleep deprivation leads to severe damage to your skin. It starts losing its moisture, and as a result, wrinkles and fine lines appear on the face. You can avoid all this nasty damage just by having your goodnight’s sleep.

4. Exfoliate that Dead Skin Build-up

Exfoliate that Dead Skin Build-up

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Every day thousands of skin cells die. Although new skin cells replace them, sometimes you have to remove dead skin cells manually. The dead skin build-up makes you appear dull. It steals the natural glow of the skin. If not removed on time, the dead skin build-up may lead to severe skin issues like acne.

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You can remove dead skin cells by using a good exfoliator. Do not go straight to the store and buy the strongest one, as it might not suit you. You have to check your skin before selecting an exfoliator. For sensitive skin types, there are milder exfoliators. Whereas for other skin types, there are suitable exfoliators available in the market.

5. Drink Enough Water

Drink Enough Water

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Keeping the skin hydrated is the last but not the least essential hack of the day. Skin requires proper hydration, as lack of water leads to many skin issues. Some of these issues include the appearance of fine lines, skin infections, and even acne.

When you drink an adequate quantity of water, your skin responds happily to it. Plump and supple skin are the signs of well-hydrated skin.  Water ensures that all the nutrients are distributed evenly among your skin cells. Besides, water also maintains your skin elasticity, enabling it to fight better the signs of aging.

Getting a Crystal Clear Skin

Getting a Crystal Clear Skin

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Skin issues are a real threat and not something to be ignored. Having clear skin is not just about looking beautiful but also about being healthy. Clear and plum skin is a sign of a healthy individual. Yes, daily care strengthens the skin, but some issues need proper attention. Using supplements for them can be an effective way to eradicate them from your life. You can give a shot to the above hacks to fulfill your dream of clear skin.

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