Every niche has the potential of growing the brand’s presence on platforms like Instagram. That’s because more than a billion people are active on it, and all you have to do is to find your audience. It applies to fashion bloggers also. Many have found their own brands and expanded them globally. Instantly start seeing great results with mixx, buy instagram followers and achieve your business goals.

Hence, if you are an aspiring fashion website and want to keep your expenses down because you don’t have the necessary sufficient financial aid, then social media giant Instagram is the best way to get the word out for your fashion portal.

Now, let’s dive into the details of how to grow your brand with social media marketing on Instagram and also see how a lot of followers can help you in excelling.

How to attract the attention of a new audience?

When it comes to your Instagram account, you need to treat it like a plant. If you water it sporadically, it is going to grow sporadically and it might just die. But if you care and nurture it on a routine basis, you will see development and growth.

There are three things you need to know: thumbnail/photo, title, and introduction. These are the holy trinity. You have to get these things right or people are not going to stay for the content.

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Aesthetic as well as helpful

Okay, so you managed to develop your website and have models posing for your Instagram page in the golden hour wearing designer outfits. But if you want the audience to tap on that follow button then you will have to provide them with much more than a photo.

When it comes to thumbnails or photos, you have to understand the psychology of the viewer. The cover photo needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as informative. This is the initial interaction that you need to get right.



In the caption, you can provide the audience with a list of brands that the model is wearing (including the jewelry) so that they can easily find the same clothing as the model through your website. Just make sure to keep the link to your portal in your Instagram page bio. Additionally, a cherry on top will be that this might just get your website a brand sponsorship too.


You can engage with them by asking questions. That will also be good for insights.


Instagram is not limited to just aesthetically pleasing photos. Now, video options such as reels and IGTV are also available for the users. If you intend to post long video form content, then you also have the option of IGTV.

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This not only adds to your credibility as a fashion website but insists the viewer click on the website link and check out the clothing items for themselves.


When introducing your website to the audience, you need to make a powerful entrance to the social media world. A good introduction is engaging that will not heavily affect the audience retention rate. Basically, you can collaborate with a renowned fashion influencer and have them talk about your website on their Instagram page. This sways their followers’ attention to your website and in return allows them to explore a plethora of clothing items on your website.

Collaborating with fashion influencers

Even that is one option that people prefer nowadays. Try to collaborate as much as possible. It is one of the keys to success.

The major role of followers on Instagram

Instagram is a vast pool of competition. As a brand on Instagram, you are surrounded by other profiles that offer similar value to consumers. Some have more followers than you and therefore it is often difficult to grow your following organically. This in turn retards the growth of your website.

But if you buy followers, then your profile ends up looking remarkable and Instagrammers are more likely to follow your account. You can easily find a long list of companies willing to help you to get Instagram followers instantly or naturally.

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A brand with more followers is more likely to appear in a person’s news feed.

Hence you will gain greater visibility. Some followers will engage with your posts. And in succession, they will visit your website too. Ideally, their engagement will encourage likes and comments from your actual followers. Overall, this leads to better post circulation and compels followers to interact.

Although when you buy Instagram followers, make sure to buy the services of a reliable seller. Duplicate deliverables can harm your profile and you wouldn’t need that.

So, these are a few ways how a fashion portal can benefit from the platform and even gain a lot of Instagram followers, which is indeed necessary.