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How You Shouldn’t Handle a Cyber Attack?

If you’re running a company with any kind of data, you are susceptible to cyber attacks. This is because most data is shared online, and that leaves space for malicious pirates to exploit or leak it. Furthermore, you’ll also have numerous operations and machinery working online. All of these are vulnerable to cyber attacks, so you need to make Optimum packages to prevent any breaches. This is because cyber attacks can lead to your systems being compromised and business and client data being leaked. Both of these situations are catastrophic for a company and can lead to you losing considerable amounts of customers and revenue. 

However, when such attacks do occur, you should be well equipped to handle them. Make sure all your systems are protected adequately. Also train your employees in internet security, as most breaches are due to human error. Create a strong and mandatory policy for employees to secure their information, networks, and devices. In addition, hire the best people you can find for your IT security team. They will handle any breaches and prevent further cyber attacks. 

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There are a few things you should never do if you fall victim to a cyber attack. Whether your systems are being attacked on a personal or business level, you need to tackle the breach in an effective way. If you just panic and make decisions willy-nilly, you might damage your data further, and might not even be able to stop the attack. Here are a few things you should never do when you’re being cyber attacked.  attack

Make Hasty Decisions

You might want to make sudden decisions in the heat of the moment. However, this is not a wise strategy. Cyber attacks are not a simple issue you can handle head-on. You need to calm down, assess the situation, and determine what actions will lead to the best outcomes. 

During this time, also see if you’ll be needing external help. Gather all the resources and staff you need to fend off the cyber attack, and defend your systems in an organized and responsible manner. If you don’t do this, then you might not be able to recover precious information and may even provoke the attackers to damage you further. 

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Go Silent

It is tempting to not let anyone know of your company’s vulnerabilities when a cyber attack occurs. Many people try to keep it under wraps, even from their own employees. However, this is an irresponsible direction to take. When a cyber attack occurs, let your employees know, so they can batten down their systems and protect their and their clients’ data. 

Furthermore, if any client data is leaked, do take responsibility, and work with them to resolve the situation. Hiding the problem will lead to mistrust and might even prevent you from fending off the attack. 

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Make Misleading Statements

Often, when data breaches occur, companies have to take responsibility and release some sort of statement. Make sure you are open and transparent in this statement. Do not hide the extent of the breach, and do not make defensive statements. 

In addition, acknowledge the damage done, laud the efforts of the people who stopped the attack, and express commitment to improving your security systems. If you obfuscate the truth, and try to understate what happened, you will get discovered eventually and people will lose trust in your business. 

Focus On Assigning Blame

It might seem easy to look for someone to blame for cyber attack incidents. You might be tempted to identify the employee whose system was compromised and take action against them. However, this is not a productive route to take and does nothing to halt the attack itself. Therefore, it should not be a point of your focus. 

Furthermore, do not look to assign blame for the breach. Instead, commit to training your employees to better defend their systems and provide them the necessary resources for the purpose. Unless an employee abetted a cyber attack intentionally, there is no need to go ballistic on them. 

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Fix Things On The Surface Level

When you’re tackling a cyber attack, do not underestimate its scope. Even if it seems like you’ve fended it off, you shouldn’t just look at things at the surface level. Often, attacks have insidious elements which damage your systems and leak your data without you even knowing. Even if it looks like you’ve successfully protected yourself, do not let down your guard. 

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Instead, investigate all systems thoroughly and do a deep sweep of your networks. If there is any suspicious activity or file anywhere, that could be part of the attack, and must be dealt with accordingly. 

Resume Operations Early

Do not make the mistake of assuming things are okay too quickly. Wait a while before you resume your operations fully and take account of all the data and systems in your company. Even the slightest remnants of a cyber attack can lead to disastrous consequences, so do not jump the gun when planning to resume regular operations. 

Instead, do a thorough investigation, carry out the necessary damage control, and reassure your stakeholders. In addition, take steps to prevent such attacks from happening again, and strengthen your security systems. Only once you’re sure you can proceed safely, then resume operations. 

In conclusion, there are some things you should never do when facing a cyber attack. Instead, keep your cool, and handle the situation in an effective and organized way.