Huang Sui

“Huang Sui: The Rising Star’s Net Worth, Married Life, Height & Bio Revealed”


Blog Post: Huang Sui: The Rising Star’s Net Worth, Married Life, Height & Bio Revealed

Huang Sui, also known as Joy Huang, is a popular Chinese actress and musician. She shot to fame after starring in popular TV dramas such as ‘Love and Family,’ ‘Dream of the Red Chamber,’ and ‘Cupid’s Kitchen.’ In addition to her acting skills, the talented artist is also a musician and released her first album, ‘Love Express,’ in 2019. This blog post will delve into various aspects of Huang Sui’s life, including her net worth, married life, height, and bio.

Huang Sui’s Net Worth

As of 2021, Joy Huang’s estimated net worth is $5 million. She has earned her wealth from her acting, singing, and endorsement deals with various brands, including Procter & Gamble and BMW. Sui’s annual income is estimated to be about $600,000 from her various sources.

Huang Sui’s Married Life

Huang Sui is currently single and not married. She has managed to keep her personal life away from the public eye, and there is no information about her dating history or current relationship status.

Huang Sui’s Height

Joy Huang is known for her stunning looks, and her height is undoubtedly part of it. She stands at 5 feet and 7 inches, which is about 1.7 meters tall. Sui’s height has undoubtedly helped her in her acting career, making her stand out among her peers.

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Huang Sui’s Bio

Huang Sui was born on March 10, 1992, in Chongqing, China. She entered the entertainment industry in 2012 after participating in the ‘Happy Girls’ contest. Sui got her breakthrough role in the popular Chinese TV series, ‘Love and Family,’ in 2013. She has since become one of the most sought-after actresses in China’s entertainment industry, proving her talent by starring in various movies, TV series, and stage performances.

Huang Sui’s Family

Joy Huang comes from a family of four, with her parents and an elder sister. Her father is a doctor, while her mother is a homemaker. While there is no information about her family’s net worth, it is safe to assume that they are well off, considering her father’s profession.

Huang Sui’s Awards and Achievements

Huang Sui’s talent and hard work have earned her several awards and nominations. In 2016, she won the Best New Actress award at the China TV Drama Awards for her role in ‘Cupid’s Kitchen.’ Huang also won the Best Supporting Actress award in the same awards ceremony in 2020 for her role in the TV series ‘Word of Honor.’

Huang Sui’s Philanthropy

Apart from her successful entertainment career, Huang Sui is also passionate about philanthropy. She has used her influence to raise awareness and support for various charitable causes, including children’s education and environmental protection.

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In conclusion, Huang Sui is undoubtedly a rising star in China’s entertainment industry. Her talent, hard work, and growing fan base have made her a force to be reckoned with. She has managed to keep her personal life away from the public eye, focusing on her craft and philanthropy. Her dynamic personality, stunning looks, and multi-talented skills make her a promising star to watch out for in the coming years.


1. What is Huang Sui’s net worth?

Huang Sui’s estimated net worth is $5 million as of 2021.

2. Is Huang Sui married?

No, Huang Sui is currently not married and is known for keeping her personal life private.

3. What is Huang Sui’s height?

Huang Sui is 5 feet and 7 inches tall, which is approximately 1.7 meters.

4. What is Huang Sui’s profession?

Huang Sui is a Chinese actress and musician.

5. What awards has Huang Sui won?

Huang Sui has won several awards, including the Best New Actress award at the China TV Drama Awards in 2016 and the Best Supporting Actress award in 2020.