Life-Changing Results With Laser Technology

Laser Therapy can be indeed life-changing. It can bring about some unique and fabulous results. With the latest technology of laser vision correction surgery, the lives of many people have changed forever. They are now able to see the world clearer, brighter, and better than ever.

Introduction to Laser Eye Surgery 

Ophthalmologists from across the globe are using laser technology to treat patients. Even if you have not heard the term Laser, you must have heard the terms PRK and LASIK. These surgeries were first initiated at the end of the 18th century with FDA approval. Slowly the technique gained pace and now is used by ophthalmologists across the world to correct the vision of their patients.

PRK stands for Photorefractive Keratectomy and LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted in-situ Keratomileusis. LASIK came later than PRK. In recent days, LASIK is more in use. But for a few special cases, LASIK is not the best option and it is precisely for such patients that PRK is still used. In modern-day optometry more than 90% of the surgeries performed are LASIK.

One might be curious about the use of laser technology other than laser hair removal spa in NY. It is in optometry that laser technology finds a wide usage. Both LASIK and PRK surgeries make use of laser technology to reshape the cornea. The basic difference is in the type of laser used and also in the steps of the procedure.

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What is LASIK Surgery? 

LASIK is usually a 15 minutes process in total and in this process, a femtosecond laser is used to create a flap on the patient’s eyes and underneath this flap, the laser works to reshape the cornea of the patient. This reshaping is super efficient to restore the vision of the patients and help them acquire better and clearer vision. The success rate of LASIK surgeries is extremely high and the patients are usually super satisfied with the results (almost 96% of patients are fully satisfied with the results of the LASIK surgery).

There are a few important considerations regarding LASIK surgery. These are as follows:

  • LASIK operation cannot be performed on patients who are below 18 years of age. During the teenage years, the cornea and vision are still at their formative stage and no surgery can be done during this stage. If at all there are severe vision problems, some other medications can be used but LASIK will not be appropriate.
  • The optical power of the patient must not have fluctuated in the last 18 months. The refractive error is an important factor to consider before the LASIK surgeries. The usual range that LASIK surgery can treat is nearsightedness of -10 and farsightedness of +4. LASIK can also be used for treating Astigmatism of 5 diopter units.
  • The status of the cornea must also be healthy. The thick cornea of the patient is a must for performing LASIK surgery. Patients with thin cornea are not considered fit for the surgery. Performing LASIK on a  thin cornea can be fatal. Also in the case of patients with a severe dry eye problem, this surgery is not applicable.
  • The health condition of the patient must be fit. An overall healthy person is ideal for LASIK surgery. If a person has certain health complications and is under some other treatment, it is best advised not to perform the LASIK surgery.
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Coming to the cost of LASIK surgeries is not much expensive. It is not like a treatment in some laser hair removal spas in NY. LASIK surgery has now become cost-effective. People can easily afford them. Also, most optometry clinics these days offer to finance the patients through various schemes and models.

Important Facts About Laser Eye Surgery 

Hectic lifestyle and congenital eye problems are two main causes why people have so many vision problems these days. We are almost always exposed to the screen. Be it our mobile phones or  laptops,  at home or at offices we are always in front of the screen

There are numerous ophthalmology clinics that offer premium LASIK surgeries with guaranteed results and at affordable price packages. You need to choose the one where the surgery will be performed by an experienced physician. Before choosing a clinic do not forget to do some research and find out about their track record.

Final Words

Connect with your ophthalmologist today to get an appointment for the most fruitful LASIK surgery. There is nothing to be frightened about the LASIK surgery. It is of a  very small duration and does not take more than 15 minutes. Through the LASIK surgery your eyesight will be restored and you will be able to see the world better, brighter, clearer with an unmatched vision like never before. Always consult your ophthalmologist before deciding on a LASIK surgery.