Why should you consider learning

Top reasons why you must learn React JS

You have seen many beautiful websites a lot of times. You may have wondered how web designers create such beautiful websites. If you wish to design such awe-inspiring websites yourself, you can use a powerful JS library called React JS to produce unique and beautiful web pages and web designs.

 The react js course lasts for a few weeks, and you can learn them from industry experts through exclusive lectures. This article will discuss React JS, how to get react js online training and how you master react interview questions and answers

React JS is from the JavaScript library, which is technically used for designing and developing the UI of websites and web pages. It also enables you to create attractive as well as familiar elements on websites. 

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In the year 2011, Jordan Walke, a Facebook engineer, built this React JS to simplify the UI development of various websites. But React is also not a framework similar to Angular, and it is more of an open-source project that helps you create user interfaces. It is also the ‘view’ layer of a Model View Controller application. 

A very important feature of React is that it also allows you to make components. Those components are reusable HTML elements. This means that you can reuse them to create another user interface more quickly and efficiently.

React has state and props apart from these components, which help users simplify data storage and handling. If you don’t know javascript, understanding React can be a difficult job to do. 

Why Learn React JS?

Top reasons why should you consider learning React JS
Top reasons why should you consider learning React JS

There are many reasons why React is a must-have app for any web developer. You can learn them through react js online training. Some of the well-known ones among them are as follows:

  1. Huge Demand
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The demand for React JS developers in India is very high. The number of tech startups and apps is increasing day by day, and the need for React developers is rising. UI has become a vital aspect of web development, especially since Google considered it while determining its SERP ranking. 

  1. Attracts Great Pay

The average salary of the developers with React JS in their job is INR 7.35 lakh per annum. By learning React, you can have various jobs in the tech sector of the country. You can also become a front-end developer that manages the client-side of a website. The average salary of a front-end developer in India is INR 4.77 lakh per annum.

  1. Saves Time and Money

App Development teams use React as it helps them to save a lot of time and money. This is because a JS library simplifies the coding of repetitive tasks to simplify your efficiency. React also helps the developers in coding the UI of their applications. Without React, it can get quite boring for developers to write down the same code lines repeatedly.

  1. Easy to Learn

If we compare it to other libraries, programming languages, and frameworks, React is relatively easy to learn. You should be aware of JS before you begin learning the library; however, you have to know the basics of JavaScript for that. You can start building beautiful UIs after several days of training only.

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Basics of React JS

First, you have to learn the basics of React JS. Having a good grip on the foundational concepts is very important, and without it, you’d struggle in understanding the advanced concepts. You will learn how you can develop a UI by using React JS. You have to be a little familiar with JavaScript as React is a JS library and uses its syntax. 

Work on a Project

One of the best ways to learn a skill is always by applying it in real life. That’s why while learning this, a person should use React JS to design the UI for a phone directory application. Working on this project will help you understand React JS’s applications while seeing its basic concepts in your work. You should build the UI under the guidance of a leading expert to avoid any errors. 

Why should a person learn to react js?

For a student or a professional, learning React js will surely help them to become a better developer. It’s a skill that enhances UI development gradually. They will design nice user interfaces for your web apps and projects after learning this skill.

Selecting the right technology for developing an application or a website is a challenging task. Among all technology for application development, React is generally considered the fastest-growing Javascript framework.

Slowly and steadily, the JavaScript tools are setting their roots in the marketplace, and the demand for React certification is also increasing day by day. With a quick learning curve, reusable components, and clean abstraction, React is a clear win for front-end developers all across the globe.

When preparing for React interview questions and answers, a person also needs to know that a callback function is invoked when the set state has finished, and the component is also re-rendered. However, a person should also keep in mind that set State is asynchronous, and this is why it always requires a second callback function.

The final component of the course

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Finally, in this course, you will learn how React allows you to create reusable UI components. You will also get to learn how you can handle the view layer of mobile and web apps. Reusable components here help the developers in improving the efficiency of their projects. In this way, you can learn how you can use them through React.