Strataderm : The Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

If you’ve never heard of Strataderm before, it’s a product that’s designed to flatten and soften the appearance and feeling of scarring. Also able to relieve the discomfort that sometimes comes along with scars, along with the discoloration, it’s popular across the country.

For those who are new to the treatment, we aim here to broaden your knowledge by offering answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. By the end, you won’t be an expert on the product, but you will have a better idea about what it’s for and how it works.

So, let’s not waste any more time and get started.

What ingredients can be found in the product?

Chemically speaking, it contains polymer chains that offer a range of properties that allow it to be used as a gel for treating scars. These ingredients include siloxanes, alkyl methyl silicones and polydimethylsiloxanes.

Can I use it after I have had a scar removed surgically?

Not until the wound has fully healed can you begin to use the product.

Why can’t I just use standard silicone sheets?

The difference between using standard silicone sheets and Strataderm is that the latter is far easier to use. Also silicone sheets can lead to bacterial growth between them and the skin. You have no such problems when using this purpose-built product.

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Can kids use It?

For the same reasons as it’s suitable for sensitive skin, it’s also fine for kids to use.

Does it smell of anything?

No, it’s completely free of odour, due to being a fragrance-free product. It’s just one of the characteristics that makes it so gentle.

I have stretch marks. Does it work for them too?

This product isn’t particularly effective at reducing stretch marks, however another one known as Stratamark can.

Do I have to protect my hair when using Strataderm?

Actually, no. It’s not something that you have to pay much attention to, as it won’t cause any kind of damage to your hair.

How long does the product keep for?

The product has a set expiry date that can usually be found on the side of the box. Typically speaking, it lasts for up to 5 years, regardless of whether it has been opened or not.

A Great Option For Anyone With Scarring

While some people wear scars like a badge of honor (usually guys), not everyone wants people to see them. If you fall into the second category, then Strataderm is a product that you should certainly consider, and this is a recommendation that comes from someone who’s used it.

I had a scar down my left arm after a cycling accident that was about 8 inches along and it was raised and pronounced. I tried it for myself and while it did take 3 months or so for a meaningful reduction in its appearance, it’s now much less noticeable.

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The best endorsement I can give this option is the fact that I still use it and recommend it to anyone I come across with the same kind of issues. Are there other options out there? Sure! And I’ve tried most of them! But when you come across something that works, you stick with it!

What you choose to use for your scarring is entirely your call, but take it from me – this stuff really works – you’ve just got to be patient, as good things come to those who wait!