The Best Facebook Video Downloader

Ever wanted to download a Facebook video? You’ve seen a video in your Facebook feed, and you want to download it to your computer. Want to download Facebook feed videos in MP4 format GetfVid is the best solution.

It was a little cumbersome and even difficult to schedule video chats with others. This feature has been integrated into Facebook’s regular Online Chat and Messaging features, which people already use. It makes it incredibly easy.

I have worked with people from all corners of the globe, for example. Many of these people have never met me face-to-face. Although Skype video has been a part of my life for years, it is often met with resistance by people who suggest that they install it on their computers so we can “meet face to face”. After explaining it to a few people, I discovered it was much easier to use the phone.


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This new partnership between Skype and facebook video downloader an application that can seem intimidating, scary, and difficult. The Facebook application requires the download of software. However, it is less intimidating than other options and easier to use. It will also be difficult to ignore because it is used by so many people.

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This could also be a benefit to brick-and-mortar businesses. Let’s take a small shop that sells handbags. It might be easier for a potential customer thousands of miles away to start a conversation to discuss prices, styles, and shipping than going on a website trying to figure everything out. Strangely, people prefer to do business with people. This is what you can imagine!

Let’s go one step further. Imagine a designer in the future being able to chat easily with a potential customer via video. It would be amazing if someone could say, “Yes, it is a great bag.” I met the designer via Facebook. She displayed many different styles. It was amazing. I gave her my credit card over Facebook, and she had it within 24 hours. Price doesn’t matter if a customer speaks directly with a buyer.

This will greatly benefit those who do the majority of their sales online. Consultants, trainers, and salespeople worldwide should be able to “seal” the deal faster and more easily by using Facebook video chat powered via Skype.

My only problem is that I will have to wear make-up again regularly. I also need to fix my hair. It isn’t very good. It seems that working from home has lost some of its many benefits. But, I believe that connecting with people directly will have huge benefits for both personal and professional growth.

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It’s easy to download Facebook videos online. You don’t need any software or installations and can download the video from your web browser. Anyone with an internet connection can download videos from Facebook in just a few seconds, thanks to Netflix. Netflix can be used without registration and is completely free.

To easily download videos from Facebook online, you can simply follow the steps below.

Step 1 

Play the video, then Right Click -> Show video URL. See screenshot below.

Step 2 

Visit GetfVid and paste the URL of the text box provided.
This process would take a few seconds. This is the time you should not refresh or re-load the page.

Step 3 

Click on “Download normal quality video” or “Download HD video” (if available) to start downloading the video.