Trent Olsen

Trent Olsen: The Rise of a Young Star – Bio, Net Worth 2023, Age, Height, Parents, & Career

In the world of entertainment, Trent Olsen is emerging as a promising young star. As a budding actor and model, he has made a name for himself in the industry, and his future looks bright. This post provides an in-depth look at Trent Olsen’s life, career, and net worth projections for 2023.

Early Life and Family

Trent Olsen was born on May 6, 2004, in Los Angeles, California. He is the son of David Olsen and McKenzie Olsen, both of whom are successful entrepreneurs. Trent has two older siblings, Taylor and Jake Olsen, and he hails from a family that boasts of a successful entertainment background.

Career Beginnings

Trent’s career in entertainment began as a model. He worked with different brands and appeared in several print ads and commercials. His modeling career caught the attention of many in the industry, and he was soon signed by the prestigious Wilhelmina modeling agency.

Acting Debut

In 2020, Trent made his acting debut in the TV series “The Sunday Sunday Block Party.” He played the character of a young boy named Brad, and his performance received critical acclaim. He has been invited to audition for several other roles since then.

Net Worth Projections

As of 2021, Trent Olsen’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. However, with his rising career, he is projected to reach a net worth of $5 million by 2023. This is due to the lucrative contracts he has been signing with different brands and the exciting acting opportunities that he has in the pipeline.

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Physical Appearance

Trent Olsen stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall, and he weighs around 127 pounds. He has blonde hair, and his eyes are blue.

Hobbies and Interests

Trent Olsen is passionate about sports, especially basketball and football. He loves playing these sports during his free time. Besides that, he also enjoys playing video games and spending time with his friends and family.

Future Plans

Trent Olsen has a bright future ahead of him in the entertainment industry. He aspires to be one of the biggest names in the industry and plans to work hard to achieve this goal. He has shown immense potential in acting and modeling, and it’d be no surprise if he becomes a household name in the near future.


Trent Olsen’s rise in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of amazing. Despite only being a teenager, he has already made his mark as a model and an actor. With upcoming acting roles and brand endorsements, there is no question that he will continue to make a name for himself in the entertainment world.


1. When was Trent Olsen born?
– Trent Olsen was born on May 6, 2004.

2. What is Trent Olsen’s height?
– Trent Olsen is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

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3. Who are Trent Olsen’s parents?
– Trent Olsen’s parents are David Olsen and McKenzie Olsen.

4. What is Trent Olsen’s net worth?
– Trent Olsen’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2021, and it’s projected to reach $5 million by 2023.

5. What was Trent Olsen’s acting debut?
– Trent Olsen’s acting debut was in the TV series “The Sunday Sunday Block Party” in 2020.