3 Essential Reasons Why Businesses Invest in a Conveyor

Conveyor belt technology has been around for centuries, but the belts of today are so highly developed, used in a wide variety of roles – from organizing cookies at a bakery to moving medical supplies around healthcare facilities – that it’s difficult to pin down one single use case for the conveyor belt. With such wide appeal and the blessing of all of the major businesses in the modern world, there are strong arguments for your investment in conveyor technologies.


The introduction of the conveyor belt is arguably the single greatest invention that has come about as a result of industrialization. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual interested in small scale production projects or whether you are a CEO of a business looking for ways to increase productivity and efficiency – conveyors are simply one of the best things you can buy.


The rule-of-thumb for purchasing and investing in any technology is to ensure that it directly solves real-life, current issues, yet also anticipates the future problems that may arise as well. Conveyors do all of these things and more. To start, let’s talk about the benefits of conveyor technology. Perhaps you’re not even aware of the extent to which conveyor systems have taken over modern businesses.

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Lifespan and Longevity


Conveyors are manufactured to meet a consistent specification over and over again and it’s that manufacturing process – and the materials used – which contributes to this durability.


As important as they are, conveyor belts can often be forgotten about and lead to more costly problems down the line when they finally break down. It’s imperative then that plant facility managers ensure the right approach is taken from the start – conveyor belt maintenance. There are a number of elements required to get this right including: regular inspection and cleaning, using the correct lubricants, wearing the correct safety equipment and tracking the belt regularly.


We at Fluent Conveyors understand how important it is that your conveyors deliver consistent performance year in, year out. As the best provider of custom & standard conveyors in America, we carefully select and monitor the materials used in their manufacture, as well as our manufacturing process.




If you’re looking to streamline your business, if you’re looking to reduce the costs and inefficiencies associated with making one product or if you’re a startup exploring ways to integrate a bunch of different processes into your business for the first time, then it’s likely that a conveyor will become an invaluable tool.

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Imagine you are part of a warehouse operation. Your warehouse is basically a small air traffic control tower that receives a wide variety of orders, sends out products, and helps you to manage the flow of inventory within your warehouse. A conveyor will help link all of this together for you and center your business on efficiency.


Conveyors are integral to the linking up of different processes in your plant. From driving excess off the production line to gathering data for better quality control.


If you’re looking for the best conveyor solution, then look no further than Integrated Systems. Our team have decades of experience in this field, and will be able to create a plan which perfectly fits your needs. Whether you require simple conventional belt conveyors or a series of advanced roller systems, we can help.


Improves Efficiency


Anyone who’s had to shuttle a lot of items between two points in their business will tell you the stuff can get really slow. And by that I’m not just talking about a group of delivery guys on mopeds and motorbikes ferrying a bunch of large boxes around an industrial estate. I’m also talking about the chefs and waiting staff having to shuffle burgers, fries, and sandwiches from kitchen to customer in a busy restaurant, and also about the whole team having to rush around lugging heavy boxes in the post office. In this kind of situation, installing a conveyor belt can really make all the difference.

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Let’s face it, the purpose of a conveyor is to move materials, so logically you would think having this system in place would make it easier for you to produce more goods. But, what many businesses overlook is the fact that it’s not just about moving materials around your manufacturing facilities; it’s about being able to do so quickly.


This means that any business can save time and money by improving productivity with conveyor belt systems. For those using it in a warehouse, there are clear benefits to be gained through the fact that items can be more easily tracked and inventoried, and there’s reduced chance of items getting lost.


However, not all conveyor belts are created equally. Some may be so cheap that they’re virtually useless. Others may require a complete rethink of your entire operation in order to become useful, while yet others will fit in with the existing pieces of your business, and add more speed and efficiency than ever before.




There’s no doubt that conveyor technology in an industry can create a real boost to your efficiency levels. With the right conveyor systems and approaches, you can completely transform the way you do business on a daily basis. So why not factor conveyors into your business routines and get to know the best ways to integrate them into your production line?

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The Author


Jeremy Axel is the founder of Fluent Conveyors, they design and manufacture conveyors for Waste and recycling industries, Manufacturing, and Distribution centers across the United States. He is also known for building trusted relationships with conveyor dealers and reseller networks and developing advanced technological processes and tools that help them do their jobs more efficiently.