5 Best PMP Exam Prep Book for 2021

PMP Books

Individuals aspiring for PMP Certification need to meet the eligibility requirements before attempting the PMP Exam. On meeting the requirements, aspirants start the actual phase of preparation for the exam. The duration of the preparation phase varies on the capacity of everyone.


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The Project Management Institute (PMI) has released the official PMP Books called guide for PMP aspirers, which is known as ‘A Guide to Project Management Book of Knowledge’ or the PMBOK guide. The latest edition of this guide is the PMBOK 7th edition which will be released in August 2021. This guide is considered as the standard reference material consisting of the major processes and knowledge areas reflecting the latest practices in the field of project management.

5 best PMP Exam Prep Book

The top 5 reference materials which are often preferred by aspirants of PMP Certification are as follows.

  1. Headfirst PMP – Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene

Written by two great project managers, this book stands out from the regular prep books of the PMP Exam as it offers a visual format of the project management concepts. This assists aspirants to easily understand the concepts and apply them while attempting the PMP Exam. The book consists of various practical exercises like puzzles, games, and problems aiding aspirants to easily crack the exam. This book is highly selling book for aspirants preparing for PMP Certification in Switzerland.

  1. PMP Exam Prep – Rita Mulcahy
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This exam prep book is suggested by several certified project managers. The author explains the processes involved in project management whilst preparing aspirants for the exam and real-life situations. The book emphasizes on the roles and responsibilities to be carried out by a project manager along with various other topics. The book was originally introduced in the 1990s, however, several versions of the book have been released over the years to accommodate the latest practices of the project management field.

  1. PMP Exam Prep Simplified – Andrew Ramdayal

The author possesses expertise in project management field and IT security. The book presents the topics and concepts in an easy-to-understand format helping aspirants to break down the complex terminologies involved in the field. Consisting of various exam-like questions, this exam prep book covers all the topics covered in the PMBOK Guide – 6th edition, mock exam, and dedicated sections for complex topics.

  1. All-in-one PMP Exam Prep Kit – Darron L. Clark, PMP

Darron offers a comprehensive study material kit for aspirants taking up the PMP Exam. The book covers all the knowledge areas and processes of project management. Consisting of over 1000 questions with answers and explanations, mock exams, and ready-to-access project templates, this book is referred by several project managers who aspire to become Project Management Professionals.

  1. The PMP Exam – Andy Crowe
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With 25 years of experience in managing projects, Andy Crowe has inked ‘The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try’ study material by aligning it with the latest edition of the PMBOK Guide. The book covers various process groups and knowledge areas of project management. Along with the concepts, the book also specifies the roles carried out by a project manager. Towards the end of the book, aspirants can try the questions, quizzes, and a mock exam which will assist in acing the exam.
Preparing for PMP Exam is not easy. Referring to various study materials only accounts for half preparation of the exam. The rest half of the preparation phase includes the PMP Certification Training course. To meet the eligibility criteria, aspirants must enrol for formal training of project management education. This IT professional Training sessions provide aspirants with in-depth understanding of various concepts and terminologies of managing projects based on the latest practices of the industry through highly experienced trainers. Hence, attending the training course and referring to the exam prep books helps aspirants of PMP to ace the exam in their first attempt.