Acting Techniques To Get Into Character Well

As an actor, character portrayal holds major importance. Your skills are reflected in how you perform the assigned character.

Sometimes, actors find it a little difficult to get in the skin of their character. But we have got you covered. By keeping some tips in mind, you can up your character portrayal game.

This article will explore a few techniques which can help you get better in performing your character. Keep reading to learn!

Prep, Prep and Prep!

You have to do your homework efficiently to know the character. From the backstory of the character to it’s thinking process, you have to gain the knowledge for displaying it well.

While performing, there’s a need to make decisions which the character would take. Appropriate research and preparation is needed for that. You should know your character inside out before beginning to perform to get in character!

Mould Yourself Physically.

Along with foolproof mental preparation, physical training is important too. If you prep well in your mind, but fail to do justice to the character physically, your work goes in vain.

The basic details constitute the overall physicality of the character. Know your character thoroughly – walking, standing, talking, gestures – all of it! Attain the self awareness required.

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By effectively moulding yourself physically and mentally, you can get well into that character!

Focus And Believe.

A good actor looks beyond the script. If you believe in an unconscious flow, you can adapt to a character well. By thinking and feeling it, you can deeply see what motivates your character. Conclusively, that leads your actions in the right way.

One more point to take care of is the focus. Don’t let anyone disturb you when you’re preparing. Isolate yourself and rehearse alone. Prepare your lines with focus and confidence.

This focus will make you stay in character. Also, it helps you bring effortlessness in your performance!

Feel Your Character Get Into You Rather Than Getting Into It.

When you create a connection with your character, you feel it become one with you. Get into the skin of the character. Think like it’s not anyone else but you. Train your mind and body accordingly.

By establishing a personal bond with the character, you get into it’s mind. Resultantly, your performance looks natural and effortless.

This makes the audience feel that it’s real and not an imitation. That is when you know that you’re ‘into the character’ in actual sense.

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