5 Best Disposable Vape Devices For Better Cloud

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Cloud chasing is one of the many thrills that come with vaping. Initially, only powerful vape devices like vape pods, vape mods, and box mods could deliver billowing clouds, while smaller portable devices featured limited capability. Consequently, with the demand for on-the-go devices that deliver fantastic clouds, cloud chasers can now find disposable vape devices that satisfy their cloud-chasing needs.


Thanks to high-quality disposable vapes, like alien piss vape juice, practicing fun cloud-chasing antics while on the go is no longer a stretch. Perhaps you want to get started with disposable vape devices but don’t know where to start; here are the top 5 devices that deliver dense vapor clouds for an incredible vaping experience.

1.   Hype Max


The Hype Max disposable device is a fan-favorite for delivering quintessential throat hits and clouds. It features a 650mAh battery, almost thrice the capacity of its predecessor, the Hype bar, which is sufficient for generating fantastic cloud puffs.


Besides a tremendous battery capacity, the auto-draw-activated disposable device also features a 5.0ml capacity, bigger than some high-performance reusable vape pods. It comes prefilled with a 50mg nicotine salts e-juice concentration. Therefore, you can take up to 1500 draws from this disposable vape device, depending on how frequently you use it.

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Regarding flavor, it is available in 18 different tropical fruit, subtropical fruit, and herbal mint flavor variants. The array of flavor variants presents something phenomenal to appease every palate.


Given its remarkable capacity for a disposable vape device, the Hype Max is ideal for everyday use while at home or on the road. Cloud chasers can utilize the device’s on-point cloud and vapor production to perform one or two simple vape cloud tricks and enrich their vaping performance. The Hype Maxx is the perfect convenient portable device for cloud chasers to enjoy in a social setting.

2.   Dinner Lady


Battery capacity and wattage are integral considerations for cloud chasers while purchasing vape devices. The Dinner Lady disposable vape meets and supersedes this requirement with its massive 1000mAh battery.


The Dinner Lady brand is the home of award-winning fruity dessert and confectionary e-juice flavors; hence cloud-chasers can savor dense clouds of those delicious flavors. Second, the disposable device also features an outstanding 6.5ml capacity to hold your favorite pre-filled nicotine salts e-liquid. The vape device’s e-juice is available in two different nicotine salts concentrations, the standard 50mg and 30mg, to cater to varying nicotine tolerance levels.


Between this vape device’s enormous battery capacity and its leak-proof design, you get to savor over 1500 puffs (up to 2000 puffs for moderate vapers). The Dinner Lady disposable vaporizer’s auto-draw activation system facilitates pleasant mouth-to-lung (MTL) draws and delivers a commendable throat hit.

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Therefore, the dinner lady is the complete package consistently delivering sufficient clouds for cloud chasers alongside great throat hits. It is available in 9 different fruity, dessert, and ice flavor variants to satisfy the discerning vape device consumer.

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3.   The MOTI PIIN Plus


The MOTI PIIN Plus features a 670mAh battery and 1.6ohms of electrical resistance, perfect for blowing out thick clouds of rich vapor. The battery capacity is enough to last light and moderate vapers between two to three days.


Moreover, the disposable vape also features an LED battery indicator to allow you to monitor battery capacity. This gives you the foresight and control to drain the vape’s e-liquid to the last drop before the battery goes flat. Besides a durable battery, it also features a 4ml capacity of your favorite 5% or 2% nic salts concentration vape juice. Its draw-activated firing system delivers blissful MTL draws while its throat hits are spot-on.


You can enjoy up to 1000 puffs from one MOTI PIIN vape before you need to get another disposable vape device. The disposable vape is available in 12 classic fruity flavors. The fruity flavor range is quite distinct from other fruit flavors in the market and is a must-try.

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4.   Pachamama


The Pachamama disposable vape stands out for its synthetic nicotine formula. It features a 4ml capacity prefilled with a 5% concentration of synthetic nicotine. However, its synthetic nicotine formula delivers powerful throat hits hence why the Pachamama vape is a fan-favorite among disposable vape consumers.


Pachamama vape, measuring only 3.5inches in size,  is compact and handy for vaping while on the go. However, despite its deceivingly small size, the vape delivers fulfilling vapor clouds for most cloud chasers, thanks to its 700mAh integrated battery. The vape features a draw activation system and requires little to zero maintenance. So, you can conveniently enjoy approximately 1200 draws from this device and satisfy your craving for some invigorating nicotine while on the go.


Regarding flavor, Pachamama is available in six crisp fruit and ice flavors.  The brand is gaining popularity among vapers and is worth a try.

5.   Cali Bar Disposable Vape Stick


The Cali Bar features prominently among the most popular disposable vapes due to its convenient pocket-size design. Although cloud chasers are not particularly concerned about discretion, the incredibly compact design is quite handy regarding portability. Second, despite its pocket-size design, the Cali Bar disposable vape delivers fulfilling clouds of dense and delicious vapor.

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Cali Bar disposable vape devices feature a 1.3ml capacity prefilled with either of two nicotine salts concentrations. You can opt for the 50mg (5%) nicotine concentration Cali bar or the 20mg (2%) concentration vape, depending on your nicotine craving and tolerance level.


The Cali bar disposable vaporizer features an auto-draw firing mechanism powered by an integrated 280mAh battery. Its user-friendly features mean that regular maintenance routines are the last thing on your mind. Therefore, you can savor up to 300 delicious puffs while blowing out satisfactory clouds of vapor and enjoying pleasantly smooth MTL draws and throat hits.


Cali bars are available in over a dozen delectable e-juice flavors. Although the brand is famous for summer-inspired fruit-forward flavors, you can also enjoy classic menthol flavors from the disposable vape’s product range. Better yet, combo vapes that marry the fruity flavors with hints of menthol are also available for the adventurous vape device connoisseur.

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Cloud chasing is not the preserve of powerful yet bulky vape mods anymore. As a budding cloud chaser, you do not have to limit your cloud-chasing artistry to your home anymore; try any of these disposable vapes for an enjoyable and consistent cloud-chasing while on the move.

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