Combi boilers are the United Kingdom’s best-selling type of boilers. This type of boiler is one of the most purchased across the country. With its dual function, it has also proven to be an efficient option. Why buy, install and constantly clean multiple tanks when you can just maintain one? Additionally, since this type of boiler heats water only on demand, it uses less energy, thus also proving to be a cost-saving option for you. Combi boilers are also less complex than other traditional heating systems, which means that you won’t have to worry about the new boiler cost that much since they tend to be much cheaper than the other options on the market.

Before you go out and purchase one, you must first understand – how does a combi boiler work?


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How does a combi boiler work?

From its name, a Combi boiler “combines” the capabilities of a traditional boiler, cold water storage tank, and hot water cylinder. Unlike other boilers, which take up bigger space for separate tanks for your heating needs, combi boilers are compact. However, despite only needing to install less equipment, a combi boiler combines the functions of central heating and water, making it an incredibly space-saving option that doesn’t compromise functionality. 

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Precisely how does it heat your home?

Most combi boilers utilise condensing technology, making it a direct process. Once you turn your thermostat on, this automatically turns on your combi boiler’s gas burner. The heat emanating from the burner will then travel via circuits and is transferred to either your radiator or your water taps, thus providing you with either hot water or heating.

When it comes to water heating, if you compare combi boilers to either traditional or system boilers, it’s quicker and more efficient. Compared with either latter, which requires expansion tanks and water cylinders to store hot water, combi boilers take water directly from your main supply, making hot water production faster for you.

Not only are combi boilers able to provide you with hot water on demand, but they also provide you with safer water for you to drink. In addition, as this type of boiler takes directly from your supply, there is a limited chance of your water getting contaminated than when it’s stored in tanks.

How does it stay efficient?

To use a combi boiler safely and efficiently, you have to comply with the Builder Regulations. Each boiler installation requires time and controls to be fitted. You likewise need to comply with energy and efficiency protocols specific to combi boilers. Therefore, a combi boiler requires:

  • Space heating efficiency should not be below ErP 92%
  • All boiler installations need time and temperature controls.
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Furthermore, you need to have these inclusions or accessories when installing your combi boiler:

  • Load compensation
  • Weather compensation
  • Smart control
  • Flue Gas Heat Recovery

Is a combi boiler suitable for your home?

Like all heating solutions, there are ideal and non-ideal conditions for combi boilers. They require sufficient mains water pressure to deliver a good water flow rate. Low mains water pressure means hot water will merely trickle. If your mains water pressure is low or you have more than one bathroom, a system boiler might be a better option for you.

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