Debunking Dental Myths – Better to Know

The statistical data regarding people who face dental problems every year is enough proof that we are not giving adequate attention to oral hygiene. Due to people’s negligence towards their gums and teeth’ cleanliness, they have to face several mouth diseases that are painful and take up a lot of time to treat. As dentists usually say, “Prevention is better than cure,” which means that taking care of your teeth beforehand is better than going through the immense pain that comes with having a tooth infection.

People with healthy teeth and gum report going to the cheap dentist Dublin twice a month to make sure everything is going great. This helps them diagnose dental issues at the early stages, which is a cost-effective strategy and requires a lot less time.


Debunking the Myths!

Some people do not visit their dentist unless they are experiencing excruciating pain in their teeth or gums. At times like these, it becomes rather difficult for them to choose the correct dentist and go for a treatment. Every person should have their dentist, to whom they could immediately go in times of emergency. If you delay your dental treatments, it can result in an even worsened condition of your tooth, which is more expensive, but also the tooth has minimal chances to be saved.


 There are some common myths regarding dental procedures that serve as hindrances between the general public and the cheap dentist. Today, we will debunk these myths and let you know how essential it is to see your dentist twice a month!


     Oral health has no relation to the overall health and fitness of your body.

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According to the world’s most renowned cheap dentist this myth is false! If bacteria are growing in your teeth and gums, they are most likely to enter your bloodstream and become part of your body. This not only causes minor diseases but can also result in serious health hazards like diabetes and cancer.


     Diet sodas are not as harmful to teeth as normal ones.

This is the most common myth and also a question that people come to the dentists with. They believe that sugarless sodas are not harming their teeth at all, which is absurd. Sodas have an acidic pH which eats away at a tooth’s enamel, making it more sensitive and prone to infection and disease.


     Flossing will create spaces and gaps in between the teeth.

The number one reason people give for not flossing their teeth is the speculation that it will create gaps between them. Not only is this myth foolish, but it also has no basis in reality. Flossing removes minute food particles stuck in between your teeth, so they do not sit there and give rise to more bacteria. Some patients report bleeding gums when they first start flossing, but that symptom goes away with time too. If you have braces or another similar impediment that could block your ability to floss, speaking with a dentist or orthodontist will help you to figure out a solution to this.

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     My teeth are deteriorating because I am old!


A lot of elderly citizens do not believe in dental health and dental procedures. Instead, they think that their age is the number one factor that worsens the condition of their oral hygiene. Dentists have always tried to debunk this myth by repeatedly telling their patients that age does not correlate to their oral health’s condition. People who follow dental hygiene rules throughout their teenage and adult life are bound to have a clean and healthy set of teeth in old age. In contrast, those who do not take oral hygiene into account end up with painful cavities in their twenties and thirties.