Instant Migraine Relief

Natural Ways for Instant Migraine Relief

Migraine is one of the most common conditions worldwide that can occur anytime or can go away on its own. Mild to severe migraine leads to interfering with daily routine activities. It might be possible that someone has had in your family, and it runs to generations.

If you think that headaches and migraines are the same, it’s not true.


Difference between the Headaches and Migraine


Migraine does not come alone, but it has some other symptoms, like vomiting, nausea, visual changes, numbness in hands and feet, etc., While headache causes pain in the face, head, upper neck with different frequency and intensity.


What Part Of Your Head Hurts When You Have Migraine?


When you feel the intense pounding in your head that lasts long for hours or even for days, it develops a condition that is known as migraine. You can feel this pounding around your eyes, the side of the head, and begins with the forehead. Experts from Tariq hospital reveal that people who do not know how to manage stress often experience severe migraines or headaches.


You can take medicines but let us tell you that every medicine has some side effects. So, what to do?


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Natural treatments are always the best because they have no side effects yet provide the desired outcome.

Effective Home Remedies to Treat Migraine


Eat Healthy Food

Instant Migraine Relief

People who have migraine issues say that some foods trigger their condition. You should think about what diet plan you follow.

Some common foods can trigger your migraine.

  • Alcohol

  • Chocolate

  • Red wine

  • Processed food

  • Caffeinated beverages


You need to discuss your diet plan with your doctor and what foods trigger your migraine. Changes in eating habits can be more effective than taking medicines.


Acupressure Therapy


Doctors often suggest practicing acupressure therapy as it helps a lot to relieve the migraine signs. It involves pressure on a specific area of the body. Some pressures on specific points of the body release the muscle tension and relieve the pain. LI-4 I is the most effective point which is the space between the base of the left thumb and pointer finger. You need to firmly press this point but make sure you do not put painful pressure.


Stress Cause Migraine


Among the common migraine triggers, stress is the one that can give you a tough time. Too much stress about anything can cause migraines, and experiencing migraines can cause more stress. Such a cycle worsens the condition of the victim. A warm bath can help you relieve the migraine. If you have stress issues, share your concerns with your friends and family. People who develop stress should avoid self-isolation and enjoy the time outside with friends.

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Practice Yoga at Home


Studies show that yoga is the best way to improve the blood flow circulation in the body that leads to relaxing muscles. Muscle tension causes migraines, but yoga can reduce it and give you relief from migraines. You can join a class if you do not know about yoga. People who take regular yoga classes say that they experience improvement in breathing and can manage stress. It also boosts self-esteem and releases muscle tension.


Get a Massage


To relieve the muscle tension, you should get a massage for your neck and shoulder. Such massage relieves the tension and gives you relief from migraine pain. Massage has also been proven to overcome stress. You can play tennis ball because it is considered as the self-message and more cost-effective. All you need is to call your friends and play tennis to enjoy some quality time with them and also enjoy migraine relief.

Keep yourself hydrated

Not enough water can trigger migraines or headaches. Doctors say that water can deal with any health issue and keep you more energetic. If you have a severe dehydration issue, you need to go with an oral rehydration solution that replaces the electrolytes.



Take Proper Rest


Only a few hours’ sleep or too much sleep can also cause migraines and headaches. According to the survey, 7 to 9 hours of sleep can prevent you from potential migraine and headache pain.


Limit Alcohol

Alcohol causes clusters of headaches in people who frequently drink it. According to reports, alcohol widens the blood vessels that can also cause a headache. It also makes the body lose fluids that lead to dehydration.


The physician committee for responsible medicine (PCRM) prefers plant-based diets as they can improve overall health. Studies also reveal these as pain safe. Such foods also help to deal with migraines as you can’t consider them triggering a migraine.

There is a variety of foods. Let’s start our journey to conclude which foods fit the best for migraine relief.

1-     Meats, Seeds, and Nuts

You should not try all the types of meats or nuts when it comes to migraine relief.

What foods should you consider?


  • Sesame seeds

  • Poppy seeds

  • Sunflower seeds

  • Chicken

  • Fish

  • Fresh beef

  • Turkey

  • Veal


What foods should you avoid?


  • Livers of chicken and beef

  • Marinated meat

  • Nut kinds of butter

  • Flavored popcorn


2 – Bread, grains, and cereals

Some foods help for migraine relief, such as:

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  • Plain see bagels

  • Unflavored crackers

  • Wheat

  • Rye

  • Quick bread and zucchini bread

  • Most plain pretzels

  • Potato chips


What foods do not fit with migraine


  • Fresh homemade bread

  • Soft pretzels

  • Pizza seasoned chips


3 – What you eat for Breakfast


  • People who live with migraine issues should avoid excessive use of caffeine.

  • People with episodic migraines should go with only 1-2 beverages daily caffeine intake.

  • Change caffeine intake slowly by 25% a week.

  • Consistent pain indicates that you should avoid caffeine complete intake.

  • Caffeine is not a cause of caffeine, but it improves your condition.


4 – Missing meal trigger pain

Migraine patients often experience worse pain if they miss their meals or take a long break between meals. Low blood glucose levels develop the headache severely. Small frequent meals help to avoid pain. Exercise along with meals is a good option for those who want to experience less frequent migraines.


5 – Dietary Supplements


People who try home remedies and still do not experience any improvement in pain relief should try the dietary supplements.


Riboflavin (vitamin B2): Studies reveal that this supplement has been proven a great relief for migraine in adults. Researchers do not claim riboflavin with strong evidence, but still, it has only a few side effects, like frequent urination, diarrhea, etc.

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Magnesium: Magnesium plays various roles in body functions. If your brain has not enough magnesium, it may lead to migraines. People who use magnesium supplements share that they experience fewer migraines.


Butterbur: There is an herb named Petasites in butterbur that reduces migraine frequency. You can see results in three months. Studies reveal that liver toxicity is a serious side effect that may result in due to Petasites.


Coenzymes Q10: Studies reveal that it is considered as migraine prevention and works as an antioxidant for many cell functions. Researchers say that it is well-tolerated and has only a few rare side effects like loss of appetite, nausea, etc.


Final Thought

You do not need to count on home remedies if your migraine gets severe over time. A researcher from Saadan hospital says that cold and hot compress can give you instant results.