How to Choose Instagram Hashtags to Get More Followers

Instagram hashtags, what are they? Many consider these labels as unnecessary accessories to be added at random, others focus only on quantity.

Putting as many hashtags on Instagram as possible, this is the fundamental objective. But does it really work that way? Just add a pound sign before any word lets to take full advantage of Instagram hashtags or not.


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No, it does not. There is a good deal of work to be done in choosing these tags. Do you want to become a successful Instagrammer? The road is long but passes from this point: here’s how to choose the best hashtags on Instagram. But first, I start with the definitions, and I explain what the famous pound sign on this social network is.

What is a hashtag on Instagram

A hashtag is a label that contextualizes and defines content on a platform.

In practice, it is a word, a keyword, preceded by a pound sign. To be able to do its job, the hashtag must be separated from other words. You can use letters and numbers in hashtags, but not special symbols like% and $.

The first social network to use hashtags was Twitter; then, this symbol was acquired by other platforms until it became a universal standard.

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Instagram has also applied this solution to posts, and today it represents one of the most important options to give visibility to its content.

What are hashtags really for?

Hashtags characterize a post; include it in tag pages where all the contents that used the same word preceded by pound sign are gathered.

In the case of Instagram, the use of hashtags is linked to the achievement of concrete objectives. First, you can get your post to a higher number of users and go beyond the followers who follow your account. This means:

  • Increase comments and likes
  • Improve engagement
  • Increase Instagram followers

Three concrete advantages that distinguish the wishes of those who want to become an influencer on Instagram or are just looking for a good way to improve their account. All of this is part of your strategy for choosing the best hashtags.


Hashtags: useful for depopulating on Instagram?

Instagram hashtags are useful for making yourself known on Instagram. For other social networks, this is not true. On Facebook, they are almost superfluous, but on Instagram, the situation is different. Due to hashtags, your content appears in themed collections. So you can increase or buy Instagram followers and be followed.

The role of hashtags is to characterize a post and create a page in which to gather all the contents that have been labeled. At this point, we come to the concrete questions, how many hashtags to put on a post? Should I choose the most popular ones? The more hashtags I put, the better? We focus on practice. One of the most interesting functions is the one to follow updates on the hashtag page. This way, you can stay up to date on a topic that is dear to you. To follow an Instagram hashtag, just go to the page of this content and click on the button to follow. Good news, isn’t it?

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How to choose the best Instagram hashtags

Enter the best Instagram hashtags; this is a bit the Holy Grail of those who deal with Social media marketing. What are the most effective hashtags to succeed and bringout content? Here are two strands to follow carefully.

Examples of popular hashtags

The popular hashtags are those that are used by a large number of people. They have a good following, they manage to give an initial push to the post, but they have continuous recycling. That is, they are used a lot. Here are some examples:

  • #igers
  • #beauty
  • #sea
  • #food
  • #travel
  • #ig

In these cases, your content will disappear almost immediately from the list. Without forgetting that popular hashtags often become spam. This means that accounts with unclear aims use popular hashtags to bring out unnecessary and disconnected content. So you have to pay attention to these tags to avoid unnecessary visibility.


When to use niche hashtags

As per, if you consider an option of instagram followers buy, then don’t forget to buy from recommended sellers. The niche ones, on the other hand, are linked to a specific theme; they are used only by a small circle of users. They manage to give less visibility on large numbers but can be very effective if you contextualize the content with the community that uses this hashtag. How to find balance?

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Which hashtags to choose? You have to find the right balances between popular and niche, doing careful research to find out what the top tags are. So, you can get more eyes with less spam, higher interaction rate, consistency with your content, community harmony, and right hashtags. 


Popular hashtag search tools 

Of course, some tools help you search for the most popular hashtags and that you should insert in your posts. The first is right on the app, both when you enter the hashtag, and when you search Instagram, it suggests a series of words related to those you are typing after the pound sign.

But what are the best tools to analyze and choose Instagram hashtags? There are several, the best are paid, but there are several free solutions.

· Hootsuite

  • Hashtagify
  • RiteTag
  • TINT

Best apps to find Instagram hashtags

Maybe you don’t want to look for the best Instagram hashtags in person; you want precise suggestions to work with minimal effort. For this, you can use different apps to find tips and ideas to add to your posts.

  • Hashtags for Instagram
  • Autohash
  • Hashtag get Like and Follower
  • Tagfire

These iPhone and Android applications allow you to find hashtags for Instagram already organized by topic. You can identify the most used tags, create groups of hashtags from real ready for copying and pasting when you have to put the photo online. But are these hashtag applications useful?

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It depends; I think the work that apps do to find Instagram hashtags should be contextualized. They can offer a lot in terms of speeding up your search, but you must always evaluate the quality and effectiveness of what you need. I prefer to have a notebook with my hashtag lists always available on computers and smartphones. In this case, Google Keep is unmatched; you can always have the best Instagram hashtags with you organized by topic, customer, and theme. With a simple copy and paste, you have the most important tags to use in the photos.