8 Unique Methods For Get More Followers On Instagram!

Instagram has become an indispensable part of many people’s lives in Canada. Here are some common worries about doing such Instagram.

1. Use location information

In addition to hashtags, Instagram posts and stories can be accompanied by location information such as the building or city where the photo was taken.

Location information not only appears in your follower’s feed, but also in your story by adding a location sticker

Local businesses use location information to increase the likelihood that customers in the city will see your posts.

2. Summarize the stories in highlights

When potential followers visit your Instagram profile, you don’t have much time to convince them to follow you. Enriching your profile is very important. One of the functions that should be used there is “Stories Highlight “. This allows you to keep all the stories you posted and deleted in the past (usually the stories disappear in 24 hours). Use this feature when you have a big event or something you want to show to your followers, and save your stories so you can show them after 24 hours.

How to take advantage of the highlights

·         Account introduction

·         Post content that suits your brand and content

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·         Introducing products with photos and videos

·         Promote (swipe up) products with links (minimum 10,000 followers in your business account are required to use)


3. Please Share

It’s very straightforward, but it’s also a good idea to ask them to follow you. It’s the same way YouTuber -asks viewers to subscribe at the end of a video. When you hear this, you can see that it’s not really a strange story. You can also ask for hashtags, and there are many tags for mutual follow-up. You won’t know if people seeking mutual follow-up will be fans of your business, but it may be worth a try.

4. Get on the trend

It’s very important to put your content on trending topics and hashtags. It’s a good idea to post about trending topics and events or use hashtags for specific anniversaries. For example, on International Coffee Day on October 1, 2020, think ahead of time about #NationalCoffeeDay #Coffee Day (and so on, and try to keep up with the trends. Of course, it’s also important to know if your target audience is really interested in such trends. But in general, it’s not a mistake to follow the trend, and it’s sure to catch the eye of many users.

5. Share UGC

User-generated content, called UGC refers to content such as videos, photos, and reviews created by real users. The importance of UGC is increasing day by day, and many Instagram accounts utilize UGC for marketing. Because UGC is the real voice of the user, it is very easy to pierce potential customers.

The appeal of UGC is that users who actually post it can be happy to share it with their favorite brands, and we also know that it actually leads to online store sales. According to an Olapic survey, consumers are 56% more likely to buy after seeing photos shared by customers.

Let’s take a look at the case of Fashion Nova. They focus on UGC. Fashion Nova’s UGC expresses the brand’s values, inspires followers to actually post UGC, and encourages customers to buy what real users are wearing. To encourage you to create UGC, first, ask your customers to share your products and services using the following methods.

·         Create brand hashtags to make it easier to post

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·         Add a copy that encourages posting to your Instagram profile

·         Hold a contest

·         Contact influencers

·         Attach content that asks for UGC to the product

Keep in mind that UGC’s goal is to give you a real voice about your products and services. Don’t be afraid to use it, even if you’re posting poor-quality photos.

6. Use Instagram

Live video is the key to a successful marketing strategy on any social networking platform. On Instagram, you can use Instagram Live to engage live with your followers.

When you start Instagram, you’ll be clearly notified at the top of your timeline. In addition, followers will be notified when life begins. After the life is over, you can upload it as a 24-hour story.  The feature of Instagram is that you can communicate with each other. So followers may comment. So, when you actually perform live, be sure to respond to comments from viewers. There are the following ways to get followers using Instagram

·         Have influencers appear

·         Hold a question corner or Q & A for anything

·         Introducing new products

·         Host a talk show

·         Show behind the scenes of services and shops

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·         Live stream an ongoing event

·         Teach how to use products and services

7. Make your posts consistent

Many followers do not follow you based on posts posted in the past but follow you in anticipation of what posts will be in the future. So it’s important to be able to predict in advance what you’ll be posting to your followers. 

For example, posting at the same pace, posting on similar themes, and making your account consistent is surprisingly easy. Even if it’s a simple product photo, it’s not surprisingly difficult to post an image with a similar background using a similar filter.

In addition, the last nine posts and profile description are especially important. This is because it’s the first thing you see when someone visits your account. So, when you take the filter approach like the one introduced in 2, try to post 9 images with the same atmosphere in a row.

8. Grow your business on Instagram

In this article, the Binyameen showed you how to use Instagram to increase your followers. However, the number of followers is the most important factor for success for those who run a business. So, if you want to  are looking to grow your Instagram followers then you can get these services easily. Like other social networks, Instagram’s most successful strategy is to engage with its customers in good faith.

If you want engagement as well as followers, Instagram is also the perfect space for your brand and your products. For those who connect Instagram and the e-commerce business, it will be even more profitable.