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Strategies to attract sellers to your multi vendor marketplace

The multi-vendor marketplace platform is the most demanding business in the digital market. The marketplace platform supports sellers, buyers and the admin in achieving their goals. The platform is well framed with all extensive features that will satisfy the requirements of all users. One can reach a wider range of audience and provide a variety of products to customers.

It has numerous benefits that have made the multi-vendor latest marketplace platform as a trendy one in recent days. But just building a marketplace is not going to get you revenue. You need to attract sellers and frame your multi-vendor marketplace platform as an efficient tool to sell their products effectively. Now let us find out some useful tips to attract sellers and retain them in your multi vendor ecommerce platform.

Increase your marketplace visibility and reputation

Sellers will join in a multi-vendor marketplace platform only if it has greater reputation. Marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Biggbull and Alibaba have unbelievable reach. So, joining in these platforms will get them more visitors to their page and can expect some good returns. But imagine if they join with an unknown marketplace, what would happen?

They will face serious loss. So, your first priority is to make your multi-vendor marketplace platform a popular one among the audience. Let us find out how to build a multi vendor ecommerce website easily known by others.

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Social media promotion –

The perfect digital marketing tool is the social media channel. There are several channels and our target audiences are active all the time on these platforms. You need to find which platform works well for your business and should run promotion effectively. You can have organic campaigns or even paid campaigns. This will attract more sellers to your multi-vendor marketplace platform and you can expect great changes and can experience better growth.


Search engine optimization is a mandatory method to increase the reputation and popularity of the platform. If you want to get organic traffic to your multi-vendor marketplace website then you need to build your platform as SEO friendly. This will help you to get top position in search engine rankings.

Content marketing –

Content marketing is the real source that will get visitors to your multi-vendor marketplace platform. You need to understand the pain points of sellers and your content should provide solutions to their pain points. This is how you can attract sellers to your platform.

Provide easy payment transaction

Payment transaction is the convenient aspect that has made online businesses a big success. People can buy and pay online. Your multi-vendor marketplace platform should provide an easy payment transaction facility that will support sellers to allow buyers to buy products with them.

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Multiple payment gateways –

Your platform should be integrated with multiple payment gateways. And also, the gateways should be quite familiar for users to use. If sellers find comfort in this aspect then definitely, they will join your multi-vendor marketplace platform.

Multiple payment options –

Allow buyers to pay through net banking, credit/debit cards, UPI or cash on delivery. This will give a high level of comfort for buyers and they will visit your platform and will buy products from sellers. So every seller will be very particular with this aspect.

Have a viable commission model

Commission fee is the most common business model for any marketplace. Sellers will pay commission to the admin for each he makes through the multi-vendor marketplace platform. The commission percentage should be decided initially and this should be favorable to sellers. You need to provide some special concession to sellers. Only then they will join in your multi-vendor marketplace platform. You can fix either to get commission for product wise or for price-wise. You need to provide more options to your sellers so that they can feel safe and secured to do their business in your platform.

Easy inventory management

Inventory management is really a headache for any seller. Your multi-vendor marketplace platform should provide an easy inventory management system that will allow sellers to maintain their stocks in an efficient way. They should be able to upload stocks in bulk files and they should be able to import and export csv files easily. Make use of the push notification option and send alert messages to the seller whenever he gets an order or if any stock goes below the minimum level. This will help the seller to have stock all the time and can have uninterrupted sales.

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Extraordinary third-party application integration

Every seller will already have an application for maintaining his accounts, manpower and many more. Your multi-vendor marketplace platform should allow those applications to be easily integrated with it. This will simplify the administration works of the seller and he can have a combined report for all his operations through your marketplace platform.

Have exclusive features for sellers

Sellers will first check all the features that are available in your multi-vendor marketplace platform. The features should attract them. If you don’t provide enough functions then sellers will not find anything interesting with your platform and they will hesitate to join in your marketplace. So, focus more on sellers’ features and this is the main way to attract them towards your platform.

Your marketplace should support multiple languages and currencies, for getting global buyers. Also, your platform should allow sellers to view the reviews and ratings given by buyers. This will help them to upgrade their product quality and service. Provide order tracking facilities for sellers also as they need to know whether their products have reached customers safely without any delay. If you are sure with all these features then there is no doubt that sellers get attracted towards your multi vendor marketplace platform.

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Without sellers you cannot define your platform as a multi-vendor marketplace platform. Put more effort on all above-mentioned tips and grab the attention of sellers. Make them feel safe and comfortable in doing business with your platform. Ensure that they will get enough profit and they will get continuous sales through your multi-vendor marketplace platform.