Website Basics – What Pages Should You Create When Building Your First Site

4 must-have pages for your website to strengthen your internet presence.

It is often said that having a successful website requires a huge capital investment and hundreds of hours of work. And, although it does require some money at the beginning and some time to build your website, it does not have to be such a tedious struggle as most people might think.

Below you can learn about the top 4 most important pages you should create when building your first website for having a successful site in no time.

Landing Page

Making a landing page is essential for any website. It is also called a home page and it is basically the first page users will see when entering your website. To make a landing page that is both informative and attractive, it is important to keep things simple and straight to the point.

Your landing page should communicate what your brand does quickly, that is your mission and selling point (how you can help users), in a brief way but it also encourages users to navigate your site and search for answers on their own. It is recommended to keep texts short, not use too many images and leave a decent amount of blank space thus not overwhelming your audience with content.

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About Us

The about us page is another must-have on your website, thus many people are interested in knowing about your business’ history and mission. On this page, you can choose to tell a brief or elaborate story (keeping things on the short side is always recommended) using motivational and positive vocabulary to captivate your audience.

What’s more, the about us page is great for showcasing recent achievements in comparison to your company’s start, as well as your plans for the future. Communicating how your business will approach a specific situation (how they can and will help people) is essential for building trust and a strong bond with customers.

Contact Us

Apart from making a landing and about us page, it is crucial that you create a contact us page where users can easily find your contact information, including a phone number, email, and physical address (if your business has one).

Many people can find your website through various platforms and it is very important they can reach out and talk with a representative. Further, you can include your social media accounts if you want, so people can take a look at your online presence and increase the chances of purchasing from you.

If your business offers job opportunities as well, mentioning it in the contact us can be of great help as well. Redirect users to a specific email address or LinkedIn profile for sending their CV.

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If we talk about creating a basic but effective website, the last and most important page of this article is the one you’ll use to describe and promote your products or services. It doesn’t matter if your website doesn’t come with an online shop option thus you can still showcase your developments and redirect users to the contact us page and encourage them to engage with your business.

What’s more, advertising customised products your clients can access if they call/text/email you is another great way to boost your sales and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

Website Basics Conclusion

In this article, we went through the basic pages you should create when building your first website, in which you should make a landing page, bout us, contact us, and products/services page users can navigate to get to know what your business does.

The most important part of all of this is to keep things simple but attractive while not overwhelming users with too much content.