How to prepare for the General Awareness Section for UPPSC Staff Nurse? 

In India getting a government job is nothing less than a battle- as you have to fight it out with millions of other aspirants seeking a government job like you. Nevertheless, if you have done a particular course or a specialization, your chances to get a government job increases a bit, as in the case of the UPPSC Staff Nurse Examination where general competition is eliminated. As only the Nursing candidates can apply for the Nurse Examination, the probability of candidates getting selected increases.

But, since Nursing Students aren’t much acquainted with general subjects like GA, it can be a tricky section to deal with the UPPSC Examination. Considering the same, it can be a game-changing subject in the UPPSC Nurse Examination. Henceforth, in this article, we will talk about the best possible way to master the General Awareness Section for the UP Nurse Examination.

Practical Tips to Ace GA section in UPPSC Staff Nurse Examination

Though the main subject with the maximum weightage in the UPPSC Staff Nurse Examination is Nursing, GA will be a game-changer as not many Nursing Candidates will be able to score well in this section. Therefore, if you master it, you can get an edge over other Nursing aspirants.

  • Polity: In your venture to ace the GA section in the UP Nurse Examination, polity can be your best friend. Indian polity is one of the shortest and easiest subjects to cover for general competition. With a handful of basic knowledge regarding Indian parliament, fundamental duties, fundamental rights, DPSPs, & Important Articles- you are more than equipped to score well in the polity questions. Moreover, try to study basic concepts of Legislative Assembly & Legislative Council, particularly, taking UP Vidhan Sabhas in mind.
  • History: Be it any competitive examinations, the weightage of History is slightly more than any other General Knowledge subject. The same is going to be the case in the UP Nurse Examination, therefore, you can’t afford to skip History at the mercy of luck. However, you can’t afford to dig deep into History either, henceforth, you need to draw a line and stick to it. That line should revolve around the basic and important history topics, like the Indian freedom movement, Gandhi, Mughals, Dynasties Ruling Delhi, Important Battles, & Important Dates. If you prepare even these important topics, you will have a high chance to score well in history questions without investing much time.
  • Geography: India is the 7th largest country in the world with diverse geography and climate, but you aren’t expected to know all of it. All you need to know is basic information and facts about India and UP. You can prepare important topics like Rivers, Mountains, Important cities on the bank of Rivers, earthquakes, border states with UP, border countries, etc. In the UPPSC Examination, you will have to be very selective and smart while preparing for the GA section, else you will end up wasting a lot of time and energy on GA which can impact your studies of Nursing.
  • Economy: No you don’t need to become an expert in Economics either- All you need is to study basic economics laws, 5-year plans, terminologies, Important terms like GDP, GNP, etc. Apart from it- you can solve UPPSC Staff Nurse Previous Year Papers to get a better understanding of the types of questions asked in the UP Nursing Examination.
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  • Miscellaneous: Apart from the core subjects of General Knowledge, you should study some other important topics like Static Information about India & UP, Data about Agriculture in India & UP, Chief Ministers & Governors of Indian States, Important Portfolio Ministers of UP & India, important sporting events, Current Affairs, etc.

Though there is no shortcut to mastering GA, there is always a smart way. In your UP Nurse Examination, be pragmatic & Smart while choosing your GA Topics. Focus more on important topics rather than studying everything. After all, the UPPSC Nurse Examination might be the magical door of opportunity which you were always looking for, therefore, give your best.