Kraft Boxes - Cheap Custom Sized Boxes for Your Small Business

Kraft Boxes – Cheap Custom Sized Boxes for Your Small Business

America is one of the biggest consumer countries in the world and has continued to be so as businesses continue to flourish and invest in their companies and their bottom line. The need for cheaper cardboard boxes that are capable of handling the sheer volume of goods that Americans purchase on a daily basis cannot be ignored. This has caused many companies and production facilities to develop their own custom boxes, often times called Kraft boxes, to meet consumer demand. Boxes from these companies can be found in department stores as well as online.


Kraft Foods, Inc. was founded in 1948 and began manufacturing food products specifically to cater to the needs of consumers in smaller towns like those that existed in Kansas at that time. The company quickly became an innovator and started mass-producing Kraft boxes for any size and shape that consumers needed. Although their main competitor was the CBM Company, CBM became famous for their green boxes that had an environmentally friendly design to them. As the company grew they also expanded into other box shapes including the classic square box.

Kraft Boxes - Cheap Custom Sized Boxes for Your Small Business
Kraft Boxes – Cheap Custom Sized Boxes for Your Small Business

Cheap Kraft Boxes

Cheap Kraft boxes have become very popular among consumers because they can fit into anyone’s budget and still meet the needs of the typical consumer. These boxes are made out of cardboard and covered with a variety of different colored wrappers and dividers. They are not only practical but are also fun to use and store. Many of the Kraft boxes that are produced today are made of recycled materials to further help the environment.

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You simply can’t get your hands on Kraft paper boxes with quality lids without the assistance of a professional company like us. We, the Custom Packaging Pro team, are fully trained and equipped to offer you the best solutions to all your wholesale Kraft Pillow Box preferences and needs. Plus, we know the ins and outs of Kraft paper perfectly and how well it can make your products stand out when designed well enough.


CBM and CBM’s other brands have been sold all over the world and have even made their way into some of the most popular malls in America. These famous box retailers not only carry cheap Kraft boxes that suit your needs, but they also sell CBM brand snack foods in every size imaginable. CBM snack foods have even been featured on some famous television shows like daytime television. This is a testament to the popularity of these boxes and the snacks they contain.


The cheap custom sized CBMs boxes that you see in discount stores across America are not your average cardboard boxes. These boxes are heavy duty and can be used for just about anything that you might need a box for. CBMs boxes are great for packing hot dogs, pizza and salads. CBM are also great for packing a variety of other items as well. If you ever have to ship something large and fragile, a cheap custom sized CBM box just may be what you need.

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Kraft Boxes - Cheap Custom Sized Boxes for Your Small Business
Kraft Boxes – Cheap Custom Sized Boxes for Your Small Business


There are some things to know before purchasing any CBM though. Many consumers believe that the CBMs boxes that are produced in discount stores are of poor quality and will not last for long. However, CBMs boxes are actually made from very durable materials that are guaranteed for a lifetime. CBM are also stackable and can easily fit into the average size backpacks. In addition, many of the discount CBMs boxes will have various sizes of snap on lids that make opening the box easy and simple for even the most inexperienced consumers.

If you do your research, you will discover that there are plenty of cheap custom sized Kraft boxes available to buy online and in discount stores across America. While CBMs boxes may be great if you only need one box for one item, they are certainly not the answer for anyone who needs to buy multiple boxes for different items or even to ship food. You should always ask questions before ordering anything online. In this case, your friendly local retailer should be able to help you more than you think.

Online Buying

If you are looking for a great cheap custom sized box, Kraft has what you are looking for. CBMs boxes are great for those who need just one box, but if you need several of them for different items, CBM’s are not the best choice. However, if you plan on shipping food, CBM’s are your best option. If you want a cheap custom sized box that you know is going to stand the test of time, you definitely want to consider buying online.

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But in saying this, don’t take custom kraft paper packaging as something you can put all the items together in. There are various benefits that Small Kraft Boxes options will offer brands. From protecting items to safe transportation, from making them attractive to selling, the options have a lot going for brands.

That’s why they need to make the most of these Kraft cardboard boxes. But then again, brands really need to take into consideration a number of factors like the product that needs to be packaged, its size, speed, safety and security. When you have all of these things in mind, you will choose the best high quality Kraft Corrugated Boxes options for your goods.