6 Worst Website Design Mistakes Every Business Owners Should Avoid

Web design is constantly evolving, with numerous design elements being incorporated into the design frame. Web design company experts know that while this allows designers to experiment with their creations, sometimes too much experimentation can backfire and adversely impact the web design architecture.

Stick to the end of this article to discover web design mistakes that both professional and novice web designers make.

  1. Wrong font size

Using tiny fonts is a common mistake and can be traced from the web standards of yesteryears. A 12-point font size works well, but with increasing screen sizes, designers started planning their designs on 14 points and even bigger font sizes. While the majority of designers utilize these sizes to improve the readability of their web content, others only blindly follow.

Web design company experts recommend that the font size complement the content type and the display area. Moreover, the size of the footer text must not be the same as the header or body of the text. In addition, the theme of the fonts must be chosen carefully. For example, a 16-point Calibri can appear tinier or bigger than the 16-point of other fonts.

  1. Low contrast fonts

This means that dark fonts must appear on dark backgrounds and the lighter ones on light backgrounds. Although many may not find this an issue, it is a serious mistake that may impact the clarity and visibility of the text. This could annoy your visitors and trigger them to leave your website. But it is simple enough to fix this mistake by simply applying the reverse.

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By utilizing high contrast fonts, your web page’s entire look and visibility can be significantly improved.

  1. Not choosing the right line-height

Text line height is often neglected when it comes to web design. A majority of designers have a casual approach to it without realizing its impact on the website’s overall appearance. Although there is no hard and fast rule for accurate line height, it makes sense to understand the significance of line height in a good web design.

  1. Moving sliders

Sliders are now considered old-fashioned and therefore must be avoided by designers. It is critical to understand sliders are not required anymore in modern devices since there are plenty of ways to provide information to visitors in a more interesting fashion. This holds for sidebar sliders and rotating sliders.

  1. Long line lengths

A text line should only contain a maximum of 75 characters, according to the Baymard Institute. A visitor could lose interest beyond this limit. But most designers ignore this valuable rule and create super long lines, thus eventually turning off their visitors.

  1. Going against prevalent web design norms

Researchers and studies have revealed that the human eye is accustomed to viewing particular formats of web elements. For example, people typically scan websites from the top and search for the company logo, the tagline on the left side and the menu bar.

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It helps them quickly find the website’s About Us and Contact Us page. But since the imaginations of designers have gone wild, there have been radical changes in web design. Visitors are now finding it challenging to locate the search box and contact pages effortlessly.

Therefore, it is best to follow standard designs that consider the natural way a human user navigates a page.

Author Name:- Zoya maryam