A Delightful Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

The Emirates reflect glory when its beautiful landscapes cloak the hues of sunset and sunrise. During our holidays in Dubai, it was quite obvious to explore its majestic dunes. So we planned a morning desert safari and reached out to Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Believe me, booking an itinerary removes a massive load off your shoulders and you are left with the quality moments to cherish with your people.

A morning desert safari is pretty convenient for those who are in Dubai only for a calculated period of time. A typical sunrise desert safari is a four hours tour in which everything is covered from adventures to sightseeing. 

Let’s have a look at what a regular dawn at the Arabian dunes looks like.

A Special Dawn at the Dunes of Arabia

1.   Pickup

A morning desert safari Dubai begins with an early morning pickup from the designated spot. We were picked up from our hotel in Dubai by the driver of team Happy Adventures Tourism at 4:30 am. The journey was pretty exciting and we reached smoothly in a land cruiser to the majestic dunes before the sunrise.

2. Sightseeing and the Sunrise 

The welcoming air of the terrain depicts magic! The early morning views turn the whole wilderness into a fairyland. As the dawn proceeds and the indigo of night minimizes, the dunes reflect complete serenity. The compulsion of the sunrise attracts the travelers to the vicinity of the Arabian dunes. Get hypnotic by observing the early morning rays falling over the dunes, turning them midnight blue to gold.

3.  Enticing Sand Activities

When the sun reaches its apex, it’s time to hit the dunes! We all were quite excited about dune bashing in dune buggies. So we all split in pairs along with one of our tour operator from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. The dune buggies are great means of giving an adrenaline rush to the thrill-seekers. We crossed the high red dunes in those buggies like dare-devils. Although we were in a strict supervision of experts. Besides, the vehicle which are used to experience dune bashing on high red dunes are insured and loaded with safety features. 


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If you want, you can also try dune bashing in a land cruiser, hummer, wrangler jeep, or a Nissan patrol. Ask for it, and you’ll find it steady in the dune area!

Other insane adventures in the dune arena include quad biking and sandboarding. Quad bikes are also four-wheelers in which you can cross high dunes like a dare-devil. Whereas, sandboarding takes you to the seventh sky if you get the right balancing technique!

4. Camel Ride

After a fifteen minutes session of dune bashing, we headed for a camel safari along with the camel caravans. Get the true vibe of nomads by being a part of those camel caravans led by the Bedouins. A camel safari is a way to add primacy to your exotic venture at the Arabian dunes. Moreover, it is a way to explore the unseen flora and fauna and takes you on an archaic journey.

5.  Enjoy the Traditional Voyage


An outlandish camping experience welcomes all visitors to the dunes like the other travel places. The traditional-themed Bedouin-style camps are pitched with great expertise on the sand beds. These camps are equipped with top-notch facilities. They reflect Arabian customary through a modern window. 

Besides, you’ll see henna paintings going on at the campsite for women and kids. You can attire yourself in the paintings Kandura dresses and photograph yourself. The photographer from Happy Adventures Tourism took pretty cool snaps of us during falconry. In this, the visitors dress up like Bedouins and pose with the Arabian hawks. All these moments in a desert safari are worth cherishing for a lifetime.

6. Bless Your Taste Buds 

A tasteful breakfast also contributes to the morning delight in a desert safari. There is unlimited and free access for the guests to mineral water, soft drinks, and other refreshing titbits. The Arabian coffee is served in traditional style along with a platter full of dates. The food was served to us on the wooden planks of our camps where we consumed tasty delights of Arabian and international food. 

The breakfast contained all the essentials from coffee to pancakes. Every bite in the middle of this panoramic landscape is heaven!


The early morning voyage to the Arabian dunes is more exciting than you can think. We also had a blurry and conventional image of what a desert looks like. But witnessing the new dawn and flight of birds with hot air balloons floating over the dunes is aesthetic! 

It’s an adventurist’s paradise. From sand sports to resting in the Bedouin camps, this place offers a hundred opportunities to unlock achievements. If you want to treat yourself with a shot of tranquility, grab a morning desert safari. Thereby, your vacation in Dubai would be worth remembering for a lifetime!