Best Smartwatches for Your International Travel

Whether you just want to keep in shape or are travelling, try out moving internationally.

Whether you are traveling or just want to stay fit, smartwatches can help you lead a more focused life.

Some Features to Look for in Smart Watch

You plan on using your smartwatch to keep track of your international trips and make sure it has the best battery life option.

Most smartwatches can display the time but not hold a charge for more than a day. This means they’ll need to be recharged often.

To get the most out of your trip, you need to make sure you have a good battery mileage during your travelling.

Heart rate monitor

When you travel, you will need to be aware of your heart rate. If you have never worn a watch to track your heart rate or know what the best watch looks like, you need to do some research before heading overseas.

This should not come as a surprise as many of us are passionate about our own travel experiences.

Watches can track metrics such as steps walked, distance walked and calories burned with accuracy.

Fitness trackers are great for keeping track of your health and stepping outside while on vacation or business trips.

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Implementing one into your daily routine can be beneficial, especially if you are doing something active which requires stepping outside, such as jogging or exercising at the gym.

Strong resistance against water and dust

If you are frequently traveling, you will need something that is waterproof and can be trusted not to let anything get inside of it. A smartwatch can be a great addition to your travel wardrobe.

These special wristwatches have various features designed to make sure your device is protected from moisture, dirt, and scratches, no matter how dirty it gets.

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Compatibility with iPhone and Android phone

You need to buy a smartwatch that is best compatible with both android and iOS in times of emergency.

Because it’s going to be the best smartwatch for international travel due to its size, functionality, and combination with your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Easy to control with voice command or touch screen

Another great feature that you look for in your smartwatch should be the voice command option.

Voice command in the smartwatch helps you connect to the applications in the smartwatch in an effective manner. Whether you want to search for ghostwriting services USA, or looking for heavy equipment, your voice command is always in your control.

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You cannot just use the little screen on the watch, can you? Oh, then what would be the whole point of using a smart gadget, right?

So you want to have a fully operational voice-command operation with the perfect, smooth touch screen experience. This is another thing that you should look for, along with the voice command.

Alarm clocks

We all want to have something handy that gives us a wake-up call from time to time. What is the best gadget other than an alarm clock?

Yes, you will need a built-in alarm clock smartwatch during international traveling.

It helps you keep track of time, especially with the changing timing zones. Keep track of your time, and enjoy your travel without disturbing your roommate.

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 Weather updates

What could be better than being aware of the weather in a new town?

Often it is hard to check on the weather forecast before leaving the house.

However, smartwatches offer a great and diverse feature that helps the user make an effective decision on the go.

No matter wherever you travel, keep a beady eye on the weather with your smartwatch. Whether you are biking, hiking, having “me time” in a bar, or just going to visit a new place, the timely updates will save you from many troubles.

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Map directions

With the advancement of smart gadgets, we have concluded that map directions or GPS have become a necessity. During your travels, you won’t get lost even if you have a smartwatch wrapped in your hands.

Yes, you can always use a cellphone to keep up to date with every twist and turns of streets in a newly discovered place, but at times it gets difficult to sync with your phone.

Now you can see all the directions, with the special voice assistant’s advantage helping you find your desired destination without much trouble.

Some of The Best Smartwatches for Your International Travel 

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the best smartwatches. (Note to remember: this list is in no particular order)

Samsung Gear S3 Classic


  • The beautiful display and the design
  • Long-lasting battery lifeline
  • You can customize the watch and change the dial color
  • It comes with interchangeable straps
  • Fast processing software


  • It’s heavier relatively to other smartwatches
  • You cannot use it on iOS devices

Moto 360 Sport


  • If you are a sports person, you are going to love the design
  • It has in-built GPS and monitoring heart rate
  • It’s easy and comfortable to wear


  • It gets glitches in its software and shows inaccurate heart rate
  • It only counts the footstep or running
  • Short battery life during the testing stage
  • Sometimes messes up when using with android
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Apple Watch 5


  • It has a good memory storage compared to other smartwatches (36GB)
  • Built with titanium material and great in design
  • It offers amazing health and fitness options and features such as it can dial to the emergency contact list in emergency times.


  • The mode is too sharp and bright at night for many users
  • The battery charging drops quickly
  • It’s somewhat similar to the Apple series 3 and 4 smartwatches
  • And of course, it does not support android

Samsung Galaxy 


  • Superior and high-quality design
  • Up-to-date fitness features
  • It has a good battery mileage
  • The software is one of its kind and highly performative
  • Easy to wear and look great on the wrist


  • Definitely not pocket friendly
  • Some issues with the battery
  • Small screen

Google Nexus 5 smartwatch


  • It provides good battery mileage
  • You can work with dual sim on it
  • Offer better processing power
  • High-quality resolutions
  • Easy on your pocket


  • It has the same design as the Nexus series
  • It is not compatible with Verizon network
  • You have to wait for it to buy as it is out of stock often
  • There is no extra memory slot. It offers 16-32 GB.
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