The Right Clothing for a Motorcycle Road Trip

There is not one piece of motorcycle clothing that is ideal for every kind of trip and weather. When you are taking a longer tour, it is important to consider these factors when choosing the right gear for the trip.

Here are tips on picking out the right motorcycle gear for longer rides.

Special Circumstances for Motorcycle Trips

When we use our bike for daily commutes and short rides exclusively, it is easy to pick the right motorcycle clothing based on the acute weather and how likely it is to change in the short time we are riding.


When we are planning to go on a longer trip, it becomes a bit more difficult to choose the right equipment. Or rather, picking the wrong gear might make you feel uncomfortable which increases the risk of riding a motorcycle.

  1. It is harder to predict the specific conditions for a longer vs a shorter ride.
  2. The longer we ride, the more dangerous uncomfortable, and unsuitable gear becomes.

Because of this, we should prepare more thoroughly:

➔ one, by researching the most likely weather conditions & appropriate gear, and

➔ two, by planning for multiple eventualities.

The Right Equipment for Motorcycle Trips

The right equipment is typically determined by the rider themselves and the specific conditions for the next ride/the planned trip. That’s why they need to adjust the gear to their specific needs. The following factors are important in these considerations:

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Prioritize Safety

The number one rule of motorcycle clothing, no matter the circumstances, is to put your safety first. That’s why you should never forgo any kind of protective clothing like motorcycle gloves because it seems unnecessary or uncomfortable. Motorcycle gear is a necessity, as it provides you with two critical features:

➔ The protective measures, like armor plates, padding, and tough materials, protect you when you end up in an accident, whether you caused it yourself or someone else is at fault.

➔ Their helpful characteristics, like wind and water resistance, protect you from distracting and uncomfortable influences, can increase your grip and control of the bike, and thus keep you concentrated and riding safely for longer periods to avoid accidents in the first place.

Dress for the Weather

However, it is important to note that comfort is not entirely unrelated to the safety of your ride. High-protective gear can also increase a rider’s discomfort and risk if it is chosen incorrectly.

One factor that can lead to uncomfortable situations quickly, and a reason why many riders decide to leave certain pieces of gear at home, is the heat created by motorcycle clothing in the summer.

➔ However, there are types of motorcycle clothing that have a high protection level while including designs and materials better suited for hot weather.

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➔ Similarly, on the other end of the spectrum are motorcycle clothes designed for the winter, that put a higher focus on isolation and warmth.

Rain gear can be indispensable for any season. A smart option is an additional rain overall that can be worn over regular protective motorcycle clothing. It can be folded and packed easily and be thrown over spontaneously when the situation calls for it.

Make Sure the Clothing Fits

Another factor of protective clothing that can increase the risk of injuries or accidents rather than protect from them, or reduce the efficiency of the protective measures, is motorcycle clothing that does not fit.

While we might be okay with wearing a too-tight motorcycle jacket for a short 20-minute ride, the same will become increasingly uncomfortable and dangerous on longer rides.

➔ Motorcycle clothing must sit tightly, to avoid being pulled at in the wind or leave spots for the airflow to enter, or lead to protective plates shifting from vulnerable spots.

➔ At the same time, you need to be able to move freely and not be restricted by clothing that is too tight.

Layer Up for Better Variety

Since the conditions on a ride can change unexpectedly, it is always a good decision to layer up for more variety.

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➔ Instead of a bulky winter motorcycle jacket, you can choose several layers of thin, lightweight synthetic layers to keep you just as warm.

They can be put on or off based on the acute weather conditions.


When planning for a trip, we need to consider the possibility of unexpected weather changes and the duration of our rides when picking out the motorcycle clothing. Research about the route and the typical weather is a helpful starting point to decide between summer, normal, or winter gear. An additional rain overall should always be packed or stored on the bike indefinitely.

It pays off to take extra care in selecting the right size and to pack multiple layers instead of especially bulky single items. This way, you can be more variable in adjusting to the weather.