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Factors to consider when buying a new HVAC system in 2021

Summer has just started, and with it comes the heat no one can withstand. It is the season of air conditioners and if it needs repairs or changing, there is no better time than now. Performing HVAC cleaning in Duluth, GA, can be difficult, especially in this summer heat. However, you can call a local HVAC technician for inspection and repairs. Let us first discuss the factors to consider while buying a new system. It is better to see what you will buy than just buying blindly without understanding your needs.

Understanding HVAC System

Let’s start with the basics, HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, and it’s the name of the whole air conditioning system consisting of vents, dryer, air conditioner, and everything related to them. HVAC systems give you control over your home’s heating and cooling systems. HVAC systems have different names. 

Some people refer to them as central air conditioners, ductless AC units, furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, or air conditioner systems. Sometimes HVAC units come in combined packages that offer cooling and heating systems together in one unit. In areas where climates are predictable, you may get one kind of system. The joint units are more popular in areas where summer and winter are unbearable. You can ask about anything about the HVAC unit from the heating and air conditioning service Duluth GA technician.

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New HVAC system Buying Guide 2021

Purchasing a new HVAC “Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning” system is an important investment for your home so getting to know how it works is important. It takes proper research and some general knowledge to get the best prices and system you will need for your home. Let’s first look into how an HVAC system works. This way, you’ll know what features will best suit you.

new hvac system

Common Working of HVAC System

You might know that HVAC systems are mainly responsible for regulating temperature in your home and maintaining air quality through proper ventilation. It consists of three basic components – the heating system, the cooling system, and the ventilation, that deliver different but effective results.

Heat is spread through a heating system. It involves a pump that absorbs the heat from inside. and another heat gets it out of the house. In addition, the furnace also carries the heat outside.  Ensure you perform HVAC cleaning Duluth GA when needed to keep your system and its components running efficiently.

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However, in a warm climate, the air conditioning system absorbs environmental heat, moving it to an outdoor unit. The warm gas is compressed in the compressor. it takes away the ambient heat and turns it into liquid. The liquid refrigerant passes the condenser and coil. . So if you are with me till now, this is how an HVAC system can cool your home.

Common HVAC Terms You Should Know

To impress your HVAC technician on their next visit, here are some terminologies that you should know. 

HVAC Thermostat

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This is the most interactive part of the entire HVAC system that controls it. It contains heating and cooling devices by switching them on or off and circulating airflow to keep your desired temperature maintained around the house. Heating and air conditioning service Duluth GA suggests keeping your thermostat in check. For example, to stay cool in your home, it’s best to set the temperatures of top floors two-degree lower than on lower floors.

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Central Air Conditioner Circulations

Air conditioners distribute cool air throughout your home.  It uses a series of air ducts that connect each room of the house. A refrigerant circulates between the condensing and evaporator coils, cooling the air through the evaporator coil. A blower made up of a fan and a motor provides all the necessary circulation to distribute the cool conditioned air.

Heating Furnace

A furnace is a part of the forced air family and is used in every home. There are various types of furnaces, using the unique system of converting gas or electricity into heat for warmth. Most furnace installations are prepared with a blower assembly to distribute the heated air throughout the home. 

Heat Pump Systems

A heat pump is a variation of a central air conditioner unit.  They work simply by transferring the inside heat outside, especially during the summer months, to cool your home and extract heat from outside air or inside the ground during the winter months. Heat pump systems are one of the most energy-efficient systems available today, even though they seem expensive. A system with a heat pump will cost you more upfront, but you will realize its benefit when you see the energy savings you’ll get over the years. HVAC cleaning Duluth GA can be needed to keep the pumps going and give them a long life.

Air Return System of Ventilation

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Air return is the starting point of your ventilation. Its main purpose is to suck the air and its pollutants and contaminants from the environment through filters to cool or heat. It also helps to maintain air quality and airflow.

Indoor and Outdoor Exhaust Outlets

Exhaust takes away heat from your homes outside. It is usually done with the help of a chimney. Some homes have vent stacks to cover this process. However, if you don’t have it, it can be installed later.

Air Ducts Systems

By now, you know how important ducts are. They distribute heat and cooled air across your home and maintain the quality of airflow throughout your house. Therefore, cleaning ducts regularly is important. You can call the heating and air conditioning service Duluth GA for inspection and cleaning.  so your airflow remains the same throughout the house.



The compressor is called the outdoor unit. In actuality, it is a part of the AC. but it is located outside the converts the hot air and gas to liquid. Furthermore, the liquid is used in refrigerants.

Evaporator Coil

As mentioned earlier, liquid refrigerant passes from coils. It helps the evaporator coil to convert the liquid into cool air. Moreover, this air passes from all ducts and revolves in your home.

Heating + Cooling Unit Combos

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When you go to the market. you will find multiple variants of the system. The system is of four types. you can inquire with the technician and get the one that suits your home.

They will tell you what approach will work best for you, but you are the boss; the final decision will be yours. All you want to know is how big your home is and how the environment is where you live. 

It is not necessary to buy a combo unit. it is always better to ask a professional about the type. once you know what to buy. you can get yourself anyone you like.

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