Five Things You Need for an Ergonomically Correct Workstation

What do you need to arrange a comfortable workplace? First of all, it is a desk. The newest trend is a height-adjustable desk, and for a reason. This item enables you to work in a sitting and a standing position and prevents you from gaining weight and getting related medical issues such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Choosing the right desk might be an issue because of a variety of different manufacturers and options. That’s why it is better to choose the manufacturer first. If a company has been in a market for quite a while and is known for making top-quality things, you may rely on its reputation and experience.

Buying an adjustable desk isn’t all that you need for an ergonomically correct workplace. After getting a top-quality Progressive desk, consider also the following items.

A Comfortable Ergonomic Chair

Your chair is the next most important factor that impacts your work productivity and health. By choosing an ergonomic chair that provides proper support for your spine, you ensure that you won’t be feeling those unpleasant pains in the back and neck. Frequently, they are accompanied by migraines. So, don’t be surprised that migraines that are so difficult to treat will disappear, too.

An Ergonomic Keyboard

Another item to improve your experience and increase productivity is an ergonomic keyboard. Let’s check how it differs from a traditional one.

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Put your hands in a typing position. Leave them like this ofr a while. Now, put your hands apart by your sides. It feels more relaxing, doesn’t it?

The best ergonomic keyboard is a fully split one. It enables you to work so that your shoulders aren’t bent forward and arms are in their natural positions. But it takes time to learn to type on it. That’s why you might choose a partially split keyboard or at least a keyboard that doesn’t have the numeric pad.

An ergonomic keyboard also has a low profile or tilts forward. It allows you to keep your wrists in a neutral position and prevents fatigue and stress.

A Mouse That Fits in Your Hand Perfectly

Using a touchpad of a normal mouse constantly can lead to tiredness, fatigue in wrists and fingers just in the same way as using a keyboard to type constantly. That’s why it is important to choose a mouse properly.

A good mouse fits in your hand and is smooth to maneuver. A wireless mouse is the best choice because it provides you with the freedom to choose the position to maneuver.

If you have a shoulder or wrist strain, even the best mouse may cause discomfort. In such a case, you may want to consider another input device. For a graphic tablet, a stylus is a good option.

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A Laptop Stand or a Monitor Arm

To ensure you can see the screen clearly without bending or stretching your neck, get a laptop stand if you use a laptop for work. If a computer is your working tool, get a monitor arm. These devices will help you to adjust the monitor height and inclination in a way to have the screen center in the front of your eyes. The distance from the eyes to the screen shall be approx. one arm.

Optimal Lighting

To reduce or prevent eye fatigue and strain, optimal lighting is a must. The best option is to have sufficient natural light. That’s why consider installing your workstation in a place where sunlight is abundant. Also a nice outdoor view offers your eyes a pleasant opportunity to relax.

If you have to work in the evenings, or if there is not enough natural light, combine the overhead lighting with an ergonomic table lamp for the best effect. The same principle applies for working on a cloudy day or in a premise without windows.

Bottom Line

Creating a perfect workstation takes time and money. Items alone aren’t cheap. And if you want to work not only comfortably but in a pleasant environment, too, consider getting some accessories such as pot plants, decor elements, a soft rug, etc. Some additional items such as a drawer, a CPU holder, a shelf or an organizer might be needed, too. Even though it might seem too much, don’t forget that these are investments in your health, mood, and productivity.

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