Decor Tips for Your Winter Home Makeover

Your home changes a lot over the year. Its appearance, how efficiently it functions and its atmosphere constantly change with the seasons, and this can impact your lifestyle significantly. As a homeowner, you must keep up by making appropriate alterations to your home, so that its level of comfort remains constant regardless of what’s happening outside. Provided a home hasn’t been given the proper care, the winter can be an especially difficult time to get through.

From home appliance repair to garden maintenance, everything is an essential step in making your home winter-ready for the best in-home experience throughout the season. One of the most major steps in cozying up your home for this time of year is changing the décor to match the environment. Every homeowner wants their home to feel as comfortable as possible during times of potential isolation, and the following décor tips may help you achieve this.

Changing the Composition

Whenever you want to redo a room, the first thing to look at is its existing elements. Before making expensive purchases and trying to completely change everything about your home, try to make use of your existing resources to create something which looks new and unique. Changing the composition of every room in your home is a very effective way to do this.

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To change the composition means to move things around until another coherent setting is formed. The room should still look need, organized and well-designed, but the placement of each object can be completely different. You can even remove some unnecessary things to make the space look bigger and more airy. Reorganizing is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to give your home a quick makeover every once in a while, and the change can be quite refreshing.

Warmer Tones

One of the bets things you can do for your home in the winter is change the color palette to something warmer. This has an amazing visual and environmental impact on your home, since the colors perfectly complement the weather. When changing the colors, try to focus on things which are most prominent on your home. For example, the furniture and curtains are two of the main components of a room. You can change the pillow covers, add rugs on the floor and sofa runners to create a cozier environment.

Lighting is also an essential part of making your home feel warmer through colors. Since it already has a soft, warm glow, all you really need to do it let it into your home. Your existing winter color palette will be further enhanced once sunlight falls on it. Open up the curtains during the day, and let in some sunlight through the skylights as well – however, this can only work on particularly sunny days, otherwise, it may end up having the opposite impact.

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Insulation is one of the most effective solutions to a chilly home. While your thermostat is doing its best, it always helps to add a few things to make its job easier, while simultaneously getting to redecorate your home a little bit. Insulation can be done by adding thick carpets on the floors and curtains to the windows. This keeps some of the heat from escaping through the floor and walls of your home, which means it will stay warmer for a longer time.

A more extensive, long-term approach to this would be adding insulation to the walls of your home. This is an excellent way to make sure that your home remains comfortable throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions outside. Since this is such a huge change, insulation can also increase your home’s value, which can be beneficial in case you plan on selling it at some point.

Add Candles

This may be the one prop missing from your home to make it a winter-perfect living space. Candles can not only add more character to any room in the house, they add warmth as well. This means that the type of candle you use can reflect on you as a person, as well as set the tone and mood you want for your house. Scented candles are excellent for aromatherapy, which has many benefits and will help you remain calm and collected throughout the day.

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Using candles is an excellent alternative to using artificial lights as well. Along with the visual appeal, candles will also allow you to give your lights some rest. If you use enough, they will add the perfect warm glow to your home to complete your décor in the most subtle, yet attractive way possible.

There are, however, a lot of safety tips when working with fire in your home. If there is a chance a candle may get too close to something woolen, or even a piece of furniture, put it out immediately and switch back to regular lights. This tip works best if you are able to monitor your home constantly.

A Cozier Home

The mere idea of isolation can be daunting. There are many days in the winter where you may not be able to go out or interact with people because of a snowstorm, or even simply because you don’t want to get out of bed and face the cold. This is why having a comfortable home is important. If you have to stay inside, it may as well be in a space which is equipped to get you through even the most potentially uncomfortable time of year. Your home is a safe space, cut off from the piercing cold outside, and changing up the décor of your home can assist you a lot in this process.

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