Weighted Blanket Fillings: 4 Options to Consider

Originally intended for sensory disorders, weighted blankets have since gone mainstream thanks to their therapeutic properties. Besides warmth and comfort, weighted blankets relax your nervous system to relieve stress and enhance sleep quality. The heaviest weighted blanket has three sections: duvet cover, lining, and fillings. Although they all increase the blanket’s weight to generate deep touch pressure, fillers comprise different materials. Here are some common fillers in the heaviest weighted blanket.

1. Micro Glass Beads

The fillers resemble salt or beach sand. Their polished edges and even shape makes them one of the most luxurious bamboo blanket fillings. Besides being eco-friendly, micro glass beads are also quiet and hypoallergenic. You can also clean the blankets in washing machines and safely tumble dry them. They may be costlier than plastic pellets, but micro glass beads weigh more, reducing the pieces you use on your weighted blanket. This way, the blanket delivers deep touch pressure without the added bulk.

2. Poly Pellets

Also used to reinforce dolls and stuffed animals, poly pellets are some of the most common weighted blanket fillers. They comprise polypropylene, one of the safest plastic options. Another selling point is their flexibility. Thanks to their ease of shaping, poly pellets hold the body for effective nervous system stimulation. Note that some poly pellet blankets have a plastic odor when new. However, you can clear the smell by airing the blanket. Because temperature ratings vary, check the blanket’s label for washer/dryer suitability.

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3. Steel Shot Beads

Since they’re some of the heaviest weighted blanket fillings, you use fewer beads to hit the required weight. Moreover, larger beads are less likely to leak through the seams. Though they can be a little noisy, manufacturers line the blanket with cotton or polyester to increase comfort and reduce the rustling sound. You’ll also love the beads’ high-temperature rating that makes them wash/dryer safe. Additionally, the beads’ smooth surface reduces dirt accumulation making the blanket easy to clean. When it comes to durability, steel shot beads are less likely to break than glass beads. Similarly, the beads don’t wear out.

4. Nano Ceramic Beads

These fillers may not be as common as their glass bead options, but you’ll still find them in commercial blankets. Ordinarily, the blankets incorporate nanoparticle technology. Ceramic nanoparticles are a mixture of tiny ceramic pieces and gel. Ceramic nanoparticles are lightweight, thanks to their high air percentage. However, the beads remain stronger than most filling materials. These beads are also comfortable. Unlike glass beads that clump and fall to one side, nano-ceramic beads blend with each other to create a uniform weight distribution. The blankets are also ideal for sensitive skin since they’re so tiny they often go unnoticed.

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Your bamboo blanket fillers may seem inconsequential, but they play a huge role in your sleep comfort.  For starters, ensure you or your household members aren’t allergic to the blanket fillers. The fillers shouldn’t cause auditory or sensory irritations. Fillings also dictate pricing. One weighted blanket may be costlier to manufacture than the other.