Practical Tips to Use Chandelier Lights in Your Home

The decorative lights you use in your home can make a huge impact on your interiors. It influences your home’s ambiance and defines its overall look and feel. However, if you want to strike a statement, nothing makes a better choice than chandelier lights. They are best to illuminate your home without making it go overboard. Frankly speaking, these are charming light fixtures that are practical and equally cool.


Moreover, when it comes to choices, Chandelier offers you a huge assortment. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes to be perfect enough to adore any home, any room. Want more? They are available at different price points as well. Thus you can easily find your best budget pick.


If you are all set to light up your home with cool chandelier lights, here are practical tips to get you started.


#1. Find a Chandelier That Complements Color Palette And Materials In Your Space

A chandelier should add to the style of your room and not break away from it. It should exude a harmonious appeal and should feel like an extension of your room’s decor.

When looking for an ideal chandelier for your space, pay attention to the color palette and focal materials used in your room. Do you prefer bright hues or a neutral palette? What dominates your room – warm woods or dark woods? Does your room feature a mix of metals or just single metal materials? Based on these aspects you can either choose a wood, crystal, beaded, or metal chandelier.

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#2. Choose a right sized chandelier for your room

Proportion is the key to finding the right chandelier for your room. A too big chandelier can make your room feel overwhelmed while too small can make it feel underwhelming.

To find an ideally sized chandelier for your room, sum up the dimensions of your room in feet and then convert it into inches. The result that comes up will be the effective diameter for your chandelier.


#3. Use Chandeliers in a creative way

Usually, chandeliers are used to enlighten classic spots like the entryway, dining space, and bedroom. Apart from this, you can use them in a number of inventive ways in unexpected areas of your home.

  • A chandelier in your bath area will add ambient lighting and will introduce a decorative quotient.
  • If your kitchen lacks lighting and glamour, hanging a chandelier can do the trick.
  • Even your kids’ room can be turned more playful with chandelier light.
  • Infuse luxury and style in your laundry by hanging a chandelier light.



Hence, there are plenty of ways you can use chandelier light in your home to boost its style. However, be watchful of where you are hanging the chandelier and what size it has. Besides, if you want your chandelier light to act as a focal element, opt for one that is ornate and has vibrant hues. And in lieu of this, say no to placing large statement items in your room.

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