How are Slushies Made?

Don’t we all love a slushy – a dense, icy beverage resembling snow’s thickness and texture? Remember your childhood days when your mom or dad would buy you a slushy, and despite the many brain freezes you encountered, you were still adamant about finishing it?


For some, a slushy has nostalgic value, and others simply love it because it is just what you need on a hot and tiring day.


Slushies have been around for a while and are loved by people of all ages, especially in warmer regions. We know it is a summer favorite, and people in Spain and Portugal can’t get enough of it.


Slushies come in different sizes, flavors, and colors and can be customized based on your taste profile. You can also enjoy them at any time of the day, even before, during, or after exercising.


This blog will discuss how you can make your favorite slushies at home. Now, ideally, there are two ways of making a slushy. The first way is by freezing flavored water till loose and tiny crystals form, and the second way is with the help of flavored syrups, crushed ice, and sugar (which is optional but helps prevent the crystals from turning into a solid block of ice.)

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No matter which part of the world you belong to, a slushy will always be a summer favorite because of how refreshing the drink is. Similarly, slushies are a great way to reduce your body temperature during hot days. But did you know that athletes also consume slushies to minimize fatigue and control their body temperatures? If you think about it, slushies are everywhere, consumed by everyone worldwide.


Should You Buy Slushies or Make them at Home? 

This is a good question. If you are a teenager out and about with your friends, it makes sense to go buy slushies from the mall or movie theatre. However, the sugar content may be higher in store-bought slushies, and there may be allergens or gluten present.


If, however, you want to make them at home when your friends or family come over, then you can whip up something spectacular with flavor syrups from yogurshop and know what exactly goes into your slushies.


The granitas available from yogurshop are gluten-free and allergen-free. Moreover, no genetic modification or alteration is done to any of the flavors, so you won’t have to worry about breaking out or getting any allergic reaction in general.


To make homemade slushies, all you need are the following ingredients;

  1. Crushed ice, which is the base of your beverage
  2. Flavouring syrup which you need to cover your crushed ice for flavor
  3. Sugar is optional since some syrups already contain it. Experts suggest having 12 percent sugar in your slushy to prevent it from becoming too solid for consumption.
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All you need to do is mix the crushed ice with flavoring syrup or granita and add sugar if required. Once you have combined the ingredients, place the mixed content in a bowl or a glass and garnish as needed.


Some people like the slushy without garnish, but if you want, you can add a mint leaf for an extra kick, especially on hot summery days. Some people also like to add a slice of fruit on top, but that solely depends on how you like your slushies.


In terms of flavors, you can find the following syrup flavors from our shop:

  • Granita Cola
  • Iced Coffee
  • Granita Pina Colada
  • Granita Pineapple
  • Granita Mojito
  • Granita Watermelon
  • Granita Orange
  • Instant Strawberry Granita
  • Granita Lemon
  • Granita Melon
  • Instant Granita Tropical Blue


What are you waiting for? Head over to Yogurshop to get your hands on our delicious granitas and make the most of our flavour selection.