How to prepare for the Civil FE exam preparation?

The fundamentals of engineering exams have been created specifically for students who are just passing out from their undergraduate engineering program. For students who are passing out from EAC of ABET-accredited colleges, this exam helps them to become professional engineers [PE] in the future.

The fundamentals of engineering [FE] exam is online anxiety which consists of 110 questions and is held for over 6 hours. The time is divided as:


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  • Non-disclosure agreement [2 minutes]
  • Tutorial [8 minutes]
  • Exam [five hours and 20 minutes]
  • Scheduled break [25 minutes]

To start registration for the exam process, the following steps can be undertaken:

  • Create a myNCEES account and log into your dashboard.
  • Check out the latest exam date, exam specifications, syllabus, last year Pass rate.
  • There are reference and sample available that you can study to understand the exam pattern. 
  • Also check out the fees and other specifications. 

The NCEES board takes a fee of $175, and that rate is payable to them mandatorily. The registration prices for getting your application approved for sending to NCEES is variable for different licensing boards. So please check your licensing board for other details too.

How to ace the FE civil exam?

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These are the following few steps which can be undertaken if you want to scored the best in your FE civil exams and pass with flying colors.

Purchase the NCEES reference handbook

This handbook can be easily found on my nces dashboard. It can download it in PDF format, and it can also be bought in hardcover. It contains all the previous year questions and helps students to understand the question pattern and the difficulty of the examination. NCEES themselves recommends this book as this is the only book that can be carried along with these students into the exam hall. It is great for practising, and the online version is available to the student until after the exam is finished. The online version is free, and the book is purchased, then the student has the choice to keep it with them.

Understand your lacking areas

The best way to ace any exam is to understand first the areas of knowledge where you need more practice and study. This can easily be done by practising or undertaking any of the Fe review manuals. Once the lacuna’s have been identified, you can go ahead and study on them more to get prepared completely until the exams will stop.

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Study everything

The NCEES has reduced these subject areas under examination and has also made every subject compulsory. This means that a student skipping the areas of dead lacking for the exam is no more an option. So you need to make sure that you have read every chapter of the review manual. First of these includes not only your expert areas or your specialty areas but also the areas where you lack knowledge.

Allocate time for everything 

If you have gone through the review manual and you have understood your areas of lacking and expertise, create a schedule and allocate time for every chapter in the book. This will help you become prepared as much as possible so that you can pass the past exam easily.

Practice as much as possible

In order to answer every question in the examination, you need to allocate a minimum and maximum of three minutes per question. This means that you should remember every formula, every piece of information, every piece of knowledge instinctively and instantly. In order to get to that position, you know you need to practice as many practice question papers as you can get your hands on. With enough practice, you will remember most of the information by instinct, and you may need to allocate lesser time to each question. This will, in turn, give you some time, in the end, to go through the paper again and revise.

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The NCEES has become a very important exam for any engineer who wants to excel in their field in the future. Especially for civil engineers, the Fe exam is mandatory, so if you are a civil student, you must undergo a civil FE exam prep using the best strategy to pass the exam easily.